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Welcome to CanadianRoll. This site was created to inform, educate, and promote the Canadian rolling scene to its fullest. The site was also created with the intention of getting opinions and news from all sectors of the rolling industry, no matter how small or large, with the focus being on Canadian skating. I will try to update daily and will take any information or criticism you may have. Don’t be afraid to contact me on my E-mail(s).




-Nick D’Amico


32 responses

8 09 2006
gl.. anonymous

why do you suck so much?

8 09 2006

LOL I don’t know glenn…YOU TELL ME.

8 09 2006

I think this will hype canadians and others too:)
Btw Really liked the crn good deed of the month I think its good to try to keep the peeps into this.
Although in my case it WOULD BE hard to make me leave rollin LOL.

1 10 2006

gotta love local and canadian edits

2 11 2006

I think you’re the sexiest skater known to man. Sexy, sexy man.

24 01 2008

Finally man! Canada needs a site like this and a shop like shop-task…things are looking up for our scene indeed…and here I thought it was dead…silly me not having the links before (thanks Nick)

24 01 2008

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NWJav35H95c anyone pulled this off yet?

2 10 2008
brad bruce

love the blog dudes

21 10 2008
Richie Velasquez

Thanks for keeping the info flowing.

27 11 2008
Scott Anderson

ey Yo scott anderson here. for those of you who dont know me. im the shitty young (now Old!) rollerblader from dalmeny, sasksatcewan by the mecca of prarie rolling, where it all started MARTINSVILLE (GIVE HOMAGE YO!). kinda fell out of the sport but still make a point to get my fat ass out there at least once a year on my busted ass rollerblade trs’s even if its by myself haha. just wonderin if anyone from the praries (Saskatoon and area) are still doin it and where yall skate at, i know my fAVE SPOTS were the ledge at great canadian beagle on 8th and probly the legendary swan rail. alasong with (r.i.p because of shitty ass bikes) bedford ledges. hit me up on facebook Scott anderson from dalmeny or my msn Catastrofic_sounds@hotmail.com. i liike to pretend i dj now to. whats up with all the busted ass rockers in rollerblading nowadays. haha keep it prarie yo!

29 11 2008

Hey I want to find someone to skate with. I’m 19 and just moved to Hamilton, Ontario. Willing to drive to close cities like Mississauga and Toronto. luo-ma@hotmail.com



10 08 2009

Hey im wondering is their any rollers in Medicine hat cos im like 10 mins away from the park and im from Northern Ireland and im here for another 2 weeks and i avnt rolled the skate park cos theirs only skaters and bmxers, if theirs any rollers local comment bak to this comment lol.

28 01 2010
t- skater

sick sick
f*cking sick picture man

19 03 2010

Hey wondering if anyone knows where i can learn aggressive blading? I’m talking about a lesson type of thing. I live in Toronto, ON. Specicifcally in markham. Is there anywhere close? thanks.

26 03 2010
Nate Snow

Hey Roll,

I am an East Coast skater just getting back into the scene. I am working on a book/mag/website that will be like a travel guide to parks and street spots everywhere. I found your blog in my searches and have linked to it on my blog.

If you have any contacts or info that you might want to share for this project please contact me on my blog http://nsskatesessions.blogspot.com/


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