Isaac Golle Telling It How It Is

7 08 2009

I know Isaac through Roger Wilkinson and through going up to Muskoka Woods to roll. I always thought he was a creative guy (particularly behind a video camera) with a lot of good ideas and a shit ton of energy to carry out these ideas. I like that about him. Anyway, I recently got bored and decided to go through his youtube videos, and there is one in particular that stood out. The video posted above pretty much states how Isaac feels when skateboarders confront him about rollerblading. I have to say, he handles the situation flawlessly!

While your checking out the video be sure to subscribe to his youtube page, and while your at it subscribe to his production company (Flying Moose Studios) page as well HERE.

On a personal note, Isaac, if you read this, I like the guido you wear on the show.

-Nick. D




4 responses

8 08 2009

haha I can’t believe you posted that 😛

13 08 2009

wow skateboarding ,,, could there ever be a bigger group of haters, they dont even know what there mad at, if they read that hating rollerblading is cool they will do it, they are all just little puppets in the industry. flip your wood, didnt land it try it again, this process is called skateboarding, this process can also go on for 5-10 years before they realize what a mistake they have made .. it is sad seeing older skateboarders in denial, still hating us rollerbladers casue they were told to, still keeping a closed mind becsaue they skateboard and thats the coolest thing out there, puppets,,, neither sport is the best, no sport is the best, but when a rollerblader enters a skatepark every skateboarder will hate that person even though they dont know him/her …, he could be cool, he could be amazing, he could be better at skateboarding then you and you dont even know it, but you will hate becsaue you were TOLD TO by a magazine hahhahaha ,, one more thing .. if you land on the skateboard do you land the trick? i have seen some of the sloppiest tricks done and im waiting for them to do it better but nop, no style points in skateboarding .. if you land a kickflip you land a kickflip straight up, talk about living in the past.

what the hardest part about rollerblading? telling skateboarders their gay

i dont want to cause more hate but come on.. skateboarders young and old need to grow the fuck up before theyre left in the past

12 09 2009
Annie Seymour

What does “guido” means? :s I’m from Latin America.

” .. I like the guido you wear on the show.”

10 02 2014
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