Sean Knight and D.P are Badass

6 08 2009

Sean Knight and D.P are some of the most badass people I have the pleasure of knowing. It is only logical that their badassness translates into their rollerblading, which is evident with each edit they put out. It has almost been a year of awesome fucking clips, great editing, and tricks that most people just will not touch. So I think it’s time for a little retrospective by looking at the latest Sean Knight and D.P edit alongside with one of their older edits. I think we can all agree the skating has gone from amazing to fucking amazing. These guys just seem to go bigger and bigger, all for our entertainment! Each new edit just brings more new and crazy shit, and you have to respect rollerbladers that are willing to push their boundaries as much as these two do.

Watch the progression and enjoy.

January Edit

July Edit

-Nick. D




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