Me and Dan’s Trip to Ottawa has Been Eventful So Far…

30 07 2009

Watch as Dan Doidge busts open his head and goes unconscious on this failed 270 BS royal while I film in horror.

Expect an Ottawa edit when we get back home!

-Nick. D




10 responses

30 07 2009


i need to see a non slow mo clip!

31 07 2009

Good to know you are okay Dan. Don’t scare us like that 😛

31 07 2009

Damn, bladers have bad luck there, glad he’s fine though. Thanks for letting us know you’re in town, jerks! If you’re still around there’s a bit of blading tonight/ hopefully tomorrow 276-5821 holler

2 08 2009

wow daniel. That’s all I got to say

5 08 2009

im aight now, got a bunch of stitches and a nice concussion, waitin on sum new skates then ill b back out rolling lol.

6 08 2009

Nick you got hurt too? wtfff???

6 08 2009

naw that was me i was thinkin canadianroll when i typed my name into the thingya dn forgot my own name lol

6 08 2009

lol oh true hahah, that would’ve sucked if Nick got bucked too ahha…

Shit get well soon Dann that sucks to see man 😦

11 08 2009

shit dan brutial man im glad u iight tho but u always do it big bro

30 08 2009

would have been cool if he was wearing a helmet and laced the trick instead of being put out for a month.. easily preventable

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