CanadianRoll’s “New Kids on the Block” Contest

20 07 2009

Do you want you and your scene to get more exposure? Have you been skating two years or less? Do you have amazing street spots or an amazing park that not too many people know about? Well, CanadaRoll has just the contest for you, “New Kids on the Block.” New Kids on the Block will be a contest strictly for the up and coming rollers out there who are looking to make a name from themselves, their friends, and their city. CanadianRoll wants to show everyone something new and fresh and we are looking to the “young bucks” to provide this. Plus, we just want to have a weekend of fun with some of the new up-and-comers out there!


1)      You have to have been skating two years or less (age does not matter).

2)      The spots you send in can either be street or park, or a combination of the two. However, the spots have to be lesser known. What this means is we do not want to see Mississauga’s Iceland or the Milton skate park. We want to see something that is either new, or doesn’t get a lot of exposure.

3)      The winner has to come from Ontario (sorry to the other provinces, but we are driving up and want to get a whole weekend of skating in with the winner).


1)      How to apply: just give us a little write up about yourself and your skate scene and provide some pictures of the spots you have chosen. It is that simple. E-Mail your submissions to

2)      The contest will not be completely skill oriented. The winner will be judged more on spot and park selection, but it wouldn’t hurt your chances if you showed us what you could do on some of those spots. We need some indication of your skill level. However, if you can’t skate every spot you show us, don’t worry about it!

3)      Whoever wins will have most of the CanadianRoll members, along with some supporters, come to their town and skate for an entire weekend with the winner and their friends (we will not need a place to stay, we will provide that ourselves). We will be taking pictures and video of the entire weekend and will put the media up on the site for everyone to see.

4)      The weekend that we will be coming up to your town is August 15th and 16th.

5)      Now the good stuff, prizes. I am not going to lie, we haven’t gotten all the prizes sorted out as of yet, so I will give you everything we have come up with so far (with updates to come in the future).

The winner will become a guest contributor on CanadianRoll for a year. This means you can write just about anything you want, whether it be your perspective of rollerblading from someone just starting out, to a session you went to and the feeling you got from it. There will be no limit to how much you want to write, or the amount of videos and photos you want to post. We here at CanadianRoll feel that the winner will help provide a perspective of a new generation of rolling, one that should be heard.

Sponsors for this contest or not, we will personally give you something for winning. Whether it is wheels, frames, videos etc… We will come up to your town with something to give you. I can promise that.

**Banner will be posted later tonight.**

-Nick. D




9 responses

20 07 2009

aaaaawwwwwwwww milton dosnt count that sucks

20 07 2009

Max, if Milton has some nice street spots then it wouldn’t hurt to enter.

21 07 2009

Is there a deadline for entering photos and stuff? Or do they just have to be in before said weekend?

21 07 2009

No specific deadline is in place at this time, but the sooner the better.

21 07 2009
roger wilkinson

I’m going to enter for sure son!!!! and i’m gonna win!!! lol Hell a member of CanadianRoll is already here! ME! ahahahahahhahahahahhaaahhaha

Wow it’s late and my mind isn’t working right. lol peace out gangsters

2 08 2009

go somewhere that’s not here.
I’m going to win.

22 07 2009
ryan brewster

my banner is better ….post it son !!!! no offence mr.vortex

23 07 2009

can we post edits we have made when we were starting off? and is it just for canadians or will we have ridiculous competition with other countries?

24 07 2009

Jong, You can always submit edits to us. So submit them.
And this contest can only be one by an Ontarionian, but hey, if beginners from all over the world want to submit edits, GO FOR IT!

Use us as your median to expose yourself to the world (in a rollerblading way, not a trenchcoat flashing sort of exposure).

Now Jong, start making up to date edits too.

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