Richie Eisler Pro Skate Available *NOW*

15 07 2009

Richie Eisler Pro Skate
That’s right, the wait is over. You can now pick up the long awaited pro skate from Canada’s own Richie Eisler. Head over to Shop-Task and buy it now. Or CLICK HERE to go directly to the product page.





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16 07 2009

Dude that’s so true about a ton of shit what your talking about…. like yeah websites do need to take a strong step in recent updating quick information promptly and accordingly available…. It’s like the industry is run buy a bunch of unorganized stoners LOL!… Not saying there not hustlin and doin’ their best but honestly there’s shit that can be improved on greatly and simply….

….The point about the constant flow of new media like pics clips reviews is bang on… I would be so much more pumped to check up on a weekly podcast or like update of shit… And I have been seeing that from a few teams and companies but definitely not to their fullest potential and definitely not used as much as it should…

..Although razors podcasts, rolling revivals, online be mags, conference tv, hell even dp and sean knights monthly edits, all amazing at a new constant flow of media… it’s headin that direction Nick don’t worry, we’ll see rolling flourish in the near future man… It’s inevitable that’s for sure!!!

16 07 2009

Wow I totally buzzed out, I meant to comment on the article after this, LOL I’m high as fuck hahah, OK I will repost my message in the right thread now!!

BTW ’bout fuckin time EH??

17 07 2009

LMFAO, Kirill you are the best. Keep up the good work haha.

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