When Was Don Bambrick at Mississauga’s Iceland Park?

14 07 2009

Did I miss a memo that went out or something? I must have. I put on the latest Don Bambrick edit that was made to promote his new wheel from Street Artist, and I was amazed to see Mississauga Ontario’s Iceland skate park being shredded by the man himself.  Needless to say, I was shocked and excited all at the same time. Then I kept watching because the rest of the edit is amazing as well.

-Nick. D




5 responses

15 07 2009

Ya man there’s a clip on U of T campus as well I think- the makio on the grate to roll…crazy edit

16 07 2009

Yeah I was supposed to skate street with him, but by the time we got to Humber he was gone… >.> hahah

16 07 2009

he’s skating my ledge at carlaw/gerrard at 1:39 in when the street car passes by. I’ve never made it that high up the slant.

16 07 2009
Old Guy

Holy shit… one hammer after another 😮

17 07 2009
your ledge?

your ledge? more like the ledge around the corner from my house…

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