“Support and Abort” an Article by Jong Kim

6 07 2009

I have always liked Jong Kim. When I first met him I remember thinking to myself that he was a creative thinker that was not afraid to think outside of the box and for himself, and for this, I have always respected him. It is because of this creativity that excitement came over me when I received his E-mail providing me a article for the website. This article is definitely a departure from the type of material I have been putting up as of late, and to be honest, I really enjoyed reading it. It is definitely a good counterpoint. I think Jong offers a unique writing style, a different perspective, and a great topic for everyone to read. I hope everyone takes time out to read this fantastic article about the “top dogs” in blading and the transition from love to hate that seems to work in a cyclical pattern in this unique lifestyle of ours.

I hope you all enjoy it, I know I did.

First of all, I’d like to thank Canadianroll for exercising freedom of speech on here weblink; an opportunity to have my thoughts and opinions published in a rather reputable site is exciting to say the least.

What I have on my mind right now is the frequent and abrupt change from love to hate that surrounds not only individuals, but the world as a whole. It seems to me, from all my years of observation, that there are ‘top dogs’ in this world that we, mere peasants, were never meant to fuck with. These so called ‘top dogs’ were not created but developed; their long years of tribute and mark of respect growing into esteem and recognition from others. In other words, they shaped themselves through hard work. They have seen it all come and go, they have been attached to things (like companies (salomon) and skate models (remz)) and detached from them, moving on… having established themselves, they can then indisputably be referred to as ‘top dogs.’ And there is truly much gravity to their power, which bring us to the next point. We cannot tell them anything (about rollerblading) that they don’t already know or have given thought to, which is really what being a leader is all about, they are virtually unquestionable; if they choose to support certain things (that would hopefully benefit everyone) it’s bound to have listeners and majority of supporters. Than there is the abortions (hahahaha), where the majority of supporters decide to pull the plug on something; (like sweatpants?), it than becomes very hard to b.unique; but the last time I checked, being unique was the coolest part of rollerblading! And that’s perhaps a reason why there is so many conflicts within the sport; there are a lot of polar-opposite enthusiasts that insist on being that rebellious side of rollerblading, the one that kicks conformity in the nuts. The way I see it, the arguments and hate, the love and don’t-give-a-fuck is all part of rollerblading and I love every part of it (also, you can jumble those around and it still makes sense).

Well I have been talking like I know all about the ‘top dogs’ but in reality they probably didn’t plan this out or really have given much thought to it… (cause that would be kind of narcissistic… and neither have I). I just thought I’d submit a non-biased… somewhat pointless, article to sooth the extreme opinions…

This has been a perspective analysis,





5 responses

7 07 2009

Jong, rollerblading is one giant oxymoron isn’t it? I loved the read, thank you.

10 07 2009

word dude! anything goes in rollerblading… i don’t see the point in mocking our pros because the clothes they wear or the kind of tricks they pull (if everyones into the “spin to win” stuff then let it be).

11 07 2009


12 07 2009

you should probably work on some reading comprehension then. Just saying.

12 07 2009

Yeah really though, this is clear as day, if you don’t understand this then you should probably mature enough to think critically.

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