Good Responses and Counter Arguements to my “Thanks for Quitting You Old Asshole! Just More Rolling for Me!” Article

4 07 2009

I received a lot of response to the “Thanks for Quiting You Old Asshole! Just More Rolling for Me!” article, which was surprising because it was just an article I wrote to tide me over for the rather larger one that is in the works (possibly a two parter). However, the response I received from the article was fantastic and very eye opening; it was  mature, constructive, and never once down graded itself to name calling or petty argument. I must admit I was surprised, pleasantly surprised. This article proved to provide the pure form of debate amongst rollerbladers that I have been looking for. Truly amazing. So I decided below I would feature some of the better responses to my article. Not all of these responses agree with what I said, and I really like them for that. Providing a separate side to any argument helps bring clarity to a subject. Anyway, I didn’t ask these people to use their writing, but they did post it in the comments section of the article, so I think it should be alright, but if you see I used your material and want me to take it down just e-mail me at


very well put. i was a competitive speed skater for 30 plus years. at the end, continuing killed me. i wanted to continue but i had an injury that didnt allow me to continue. i started aggressive skating at 32 years old. i didnt have the luxury of the young body to learn this sport. im 42 now and still going strong. sure my age limits me a bit. what it really is, my brain hinders me. i know what pain is , the consequences, responsibilities, etc. pretty much ( if you are in shape) your body will keep going if your mind tells you. its hard skating with people a third my age or half my age. i continue because skating is in my blood. so many people waste the talents they were given. i skate what i can skate, and my mind tells my body what it cant do. i still push myself, but i dont go crazy. i love rolling, and so i grind on. great articles

Oli Bennet

Im going through a lot of the same stuff really, and im 28 soon, and im trying to look after myself better, drink less, stretch more, go jogging, etc etc. So i understand and agree with a lot of the article.

However all the stuff about people quitting

– “So for all those who quit, all I can say is, “thank you.” You helped rid rolling of fake bitches whose natural instinct is to give up when things get hard. We didn’t need you to begin with”–

Is just unnecessary and I totally disagree with it in its entirety. Theres a hell of a lot to do in life and people wanting to achieve something new or experience new sports or adventures are not people “whos natural instinct is to give up when things get hard” Sure, it would be hard for me to do most of the tricks i could do in 2002, im not giving up though and neither am i going to try them again. I have been skating since i was 8 years old, and if i was to give up now, which i am not, would i be a fake bitch after 20 years on wheels?

I have a lot of friends who have quit skating, and it used to annoy me, but then i realised, its just skating. These people have other things they want to pursue, and they are still great friends, and are happy. Who are we to be telling them they are fake bitches and insulting them because they don’t want to destroy their bodies any more, or they have other priorities?

Rollerblading is my life, but i hate the “nazi only rollerbladers rule and know” ideas. Im just as much into music as i am rollerblading, and even that annoys people.

Its a big world out there.

Just discussion, no beef!

Kevin Dowling, AKA King Dirty

Thank you for this, I needed to feel connected with people my age that still shred, sometimes I feel like I am the Last of the Mohicans. Props to all you guys, we should set up some sort of 25+ retreat where we all get together and shred.

Jamie Murret

At nearly 28 years old with responsibilities of a mortgage, a family, and working as a business owner, database marketing manager and a marketing consultant I can relate to a lot of what you said. Despite the added responsibilities and increased susceptibility to injuries that we are cursed with as we age, I’ve continued to be passionate about rollerblading for 14+ years. It’s all about making the time to do what you love and making sure you take care of yourself well enough to continue doing it.

Whether people who I have grown up with or once admired quit skating due to whatever their reasons might be does not bother me though. For me skating is personal, I do it for my own enjoyment and as my escape from the everyday stress and responsibilities that come with life on life’s terms. Ironically, despite the danger involved and damage it has done to my body, rollerblading has been my fountain of youth and I know will always be able to find a new friend in anyone who shares these feelings.

Last night I decided to go out to skate because a good friend of mine is helping me make a new section and we almost have enough footage to start editing. Despite being extremely sore from a full day of skating and filming over the weekend I forced myself to go out and try to get some more clips because I have been overly anxious to see the final product. Of course I should have listened to my sore body because as soon as I put my skates on I fell which resulted in a couple staples in my head. I took my skates off a little while later and decided to call it a night. Driving home I told myself that I need to do a better job of listening to my body when it’s telling me not to go skating if I want to continue doing this in the future. Besides being frustrated from waiting at the clinic until 2:00am and being a little embarrassed coming into work this morning with some messy, blood-soaked, greasy looking hair I am grateful to be ok and hopeful that with a little luck nothing will ever stop me from doing what I love.

Anyways, I just wanted to say thank you for the article. Hopefully I’ll be skating again next week and should have a new section online in the next couple weeks. I am proud to say this new section will be one of my biggest personal accomplishments and I can’t wait to share it with everyone who loves rollerblading as much as I do.


Interesting points Nick. I agree with you in some respects. But I don’t think getting enraged or bitter over someone dropping out of the blade scene is the right stance. I think you have to be in that situation to truly understand it. I myself fell out of love with rollerblading for almost a year, surfing became my new bed buddy. It didn’t hurt to fall, I was getting in better shape, and staying healthy, yet still getting that satisfaction that rollerblading/snowboarding gave me. Skating stopped being fun, I was reminded of how much better I “used” to be, and honestly who wants to continue something if it stops being fun? It felt like more of an obligation (to rollerblading as a whole) to skate than something I really wanted to be doing. It wasn’t a matter of making excuses, it was plain and simple, it stopped being enjoyable, and just became frustrating.

Now a year later I have fallen back in love, gotten my game back, gained new tricks, and it’s fun all over again. I’m sure people said the same thing about me “he’s a bitch, good thanks for quitting!” like a bitter ex girlfriend you’ve cheated on. So instead of getting bitter about someone who quit, take it with a grain of salt, maybe it just stopped being enjoyable, maybe they fell out of love, maybe it’s just a stage and they will eventually come back. Everyone has their reasons, and if you don’t enjoy it anymore, you shouldn’t be doing it, I don’t think that constitutes someone being a bitch, that’s them accepting what has happened and taking a step back to reevaluate themselves. Just my opinion from the other side.


Thought provoking, inspiring and instigating of far right thinking I´d say!
I very much side with Oli Benet on this one, the hatred disqualifying has no room in adulthood, but I understant resentment and have gone through similar feelings many times.
Still, despite I mainly agree with most that has been said, I feel that most people do not aknowledge the “rabbit hole factor”; the psychollogical side of our subculture has much pollution from the leissure industry propaganda, and is in a sense a big fake. Nonetheless, this is ignored in the rolleblading community and all the rest of the action sports niches. (Ref. the apple series)
I feel it is one of the most important aspects of the curve that the average rollerblader has go through, when balancing normal life with rollerblading and the latter slowly goes on to one side. We, the ones that got really implicated, are a majorly marginalised group among society and need to readapt. I am always astonished about how there is such little thinking on these issues, when they represent the very root of the problem. The leissure industry does not take responsibilities for bombarding youth with ideas that aren´t exactly apropriate for them, but how would they, the whole world is irresponsible for their actions. Then you get a whole generation trying to work out what the hell happened with that lifestyle we were sold like it happened from 1999 onwards…
What is key to understand in these subjects is that we have been sold an image for an activity, and that image has to evolve within us because they (industry leaders) won´t market a saner image of it; as profit is tehir religion. As for us, it simply can´t stay in the trick after trick porn, “have a quicky and get rid of the tisue” format. It needs to attend to the intellectual and spiritual needs of teh individual.
This activity must remain giving the individual positive aspects and a sane mindframe, and when it does not, it simply must be adapted without treason threats from the environment or the community.
These ideas are so contemporary they are actually becoming common in rollerblading trends now (bear with them) “quitters never loose”, and stygma ties for you office lovers.

May sarcasm start replacing hatred?

Never too late!

Azur, 29 in few days.

I want to thank everyone who responded, not just the people featured. Truly great responses everyone. Like I said, very eye opening. It is good to see that between the crazy Be-Mag threads (most of which are hilarious) and the crazy responses on Rollernews from anonymous posters, that topics like this can still be discussed in a mature manner.

-Nick. D




6 responses

4 07 2009

uhh, hey nick… read your article with much interest… though i’m not exactly old, i feel somewhat the same way! I’ve dropped out of skating months and months at a time and i guess what annoyed me the most is that no one seemed to give a shit that i did so. its opinions/articles like yours that make it hard for people who are, well, looking for attention and reassurance to get back into it, to get pumped to do shit. know what i mean? who wants to be a part of something (something so special) if there is hate (no matter how constructive and scholarly) no one sticks around. and thats really the inital reason why i quited blading, hate from skateboarders, bikers, and even other fucking rollerbladers.

we should stick together, past present and future and support each other through hard times… we’re all human, no matter how fucked in the head or how needy the sonofabitch is.

4 07 2009

If this is the Jong I think it is (there can be more than one Jong, right?) that I have skated with in the past, please, please, please write an article about what you just wrote. I would love to read it and share it. I think it would be an amazing article.

I will post my response to your comment later though, I am just about to go catch a skate.

Also, Jong come down and skate hamilton man, I’ve missed rolling with you.

5 07 2009
richie e

here’s my two cents…
… people should do what makes them happy. if rollerblading doesn’t make them happy anymore, so what? why take it personally? your article made you sound like a little kid that is bitter about your friends finding other things that make them happy. in fact 90% of your recent articles have been like this.
i understand that debate and all that is good but lately you have been getting out of control. it’s like you have a mental and emotional breakdown in every article… arguing with yourself, telling people to pull their heads out of their asses if they disagree with you, etc. and this is before they even disagree and regardless of whether anyone would or not. that one article about the stereotypes of blading in contests was unreal… it was like witnessing a full blown mental breakdown that ended in you lashing out at everyone and anyone. what happened at that comp? how bad could it really be? it’s not the olympics.
anyways, it really sounds like you’re going through a tough time in your life and are mad at the world. who cares if people quit, life goes on.
also, who cares if the VIIs are like a grycon? they’re not but that’s a different story. valo or nimh or razors are the same too. and what about all the rest of the rage that’s been going on here lately… sean knight and dp have more style than anyone can ever dream of and everyone’s a pussy and all that. and it’s like the conference is your ex-girlfriend that cheated on you… personally i think they’ve been the most supportive of canadians of any company in history. they made pro models for nicky, frenette, etc.
also, people don’t owe it to filmers to buy their video. just because someone makes something, doesn’t mean anyone wants to buy it. or that it should ruin your day.
seriously just chill out. it will do your health a lot of good.

5 07 2009

Hahaha wow, it seems like I have offended a few people, and unfortunately they were not the people I was intending on offending. I respect both Richie and Jong. Here is the thing though. When I write, I write a little over the top, yes it is how I feel about a subject (just magnified about 75%), but I put it in such a manner that it is a tad abrasive. I have found that this is the best way to spark discussion within the rollerblading community. Do I get hate for it, yes. But trust me, I also get a LOT of love for it as well. There have been countless people who have not only agreed with my articles, but have also supported me in continuing to write in the same manner just on different subjects. So I guess it all dependent on which side of the fence you fall on. You either love it or hate, there is no in between; and your position can change from article to article. What this provides is a basis for people to start an open discussion on a topic. Because I am so far out there you have to decide, or try your hardest to take the middle ground and meld both sides (your argument, and my over the top argument). Either way it gets you thinking.

Think of it as an internet persona.

Is it crazy? Yes it is. Does it work? I think the results are obvious. There has been more discussion (and mature and honest discussion at that) then at any other time in this websites history.

Having said that. I know some people are offended or stand offish because of this. Jong I am sorry. I am sorry if the material I am posting up is making it hard for you to get back into skating. But you know me well enough to know that I am a decent guy. You should also know that I do not bullshit. The article I am posting up are truthful, but remember that they are over the top for a reason. However, don’t fret positive articles are also on the way. It will not all be negative shit.

Richie, none of my friends have left rollerblading, at all so I am not bitter in the slightest. But the rest of your response makes sense. It would seem that I am out of control, but I guess that is what I get for taking the route that I am taking. However, I do agree with you and garret on one point, I should ease up on the Conference, and I am going to take that into consideration. Trust me.

5 07 2009

Wow Nick if you’re getting flamed by Richie, then you know it is time to stop whining…

5 07 2009

I don’t think I am going to stop anything. Just take everything that is being said into perspective and build from there. There will always be people who like what I say and those that don’t. Having said that, I do respect Richie’s opinion. Same goes for Jong.

As for “Wow” at least leave a name, man. I at least have the balls to put my name out there so people can attach a name to a face, or at least they know where an opinion is coming from.

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