Sean Knight & D.P June Edit

1 07 2009

Picture 1

I am going to go out on a ledge and say it. D.P and Sean Knight are the hardest working skaters in Canadian Rollerblading. You don’t agree with me? Find me someone who puts out as much dope shit as them, constantly. This June edit is ridiculous (like all of their edits), it is packed full of tricks you probably can’t do, done with a style that you wish you had. Also, it looks like both Sean and D.P are rockin the helmet steeze, I gotta say, they make it look not bad at all. Anyway, that’s enough dick riding for me, check out the edit at the Shop-Task blog HERE. Once the vimeo version becomes available I will put it up because I know some of you assholes are lazy and won’t even click the link.

Picture 2

Sean Knight just sent me the vimeo link. Enjoy!

-Nick. D




6 responses

1 07 2009

i call my readers asshole because i’m edgy

1 07 2009

is it just me or does it stop loading at sean knights part?

1 07 2009

Yea i had the same problem, i just pressed refresh and it was fine.

Also, mike, if you don’t like it, fuck off, don’t read it. If letters strung together to form certain words offends you, this isn’t the website for you.

3 07 2009

why are you so angry?

4 07 2009

I’m really not that angry. I make lots of posts that show nothing but love. In fact if you ask most people who know me well they would probably say I am one of the nicer people they have met. However, last time I checked I could speak freely about certain comments made about me on my website. If it offends people they should probably not read it, or just not come here. All the same to me.

11 07 2009

lol they decided to start wearing helmets : P
how come?

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