rollTogether #10 Edit

1 07 2009

I recently got an e-mail from my German friend Oli Nermeric informing me of the Roll Together Ten session edit, and seeing as Oli is a kick ass guy, and the whole Roll Together concept is amazing, I decided to inform everyone. Here is a direct quote of what was sent to me. Enjoy!

First official rollTogether-Edit (created by Matthias von Gostomski). Besides the crazy skating this edit shows the extraordinary fun and relaxed atmosphere of the infamous rollTogether-sessions. Thanks to Matthias von Gostomski for putting that much effort into the edit. For rollTogether it is a pleasure to work together with you.

Now sit back, relax and watch this beautiful piece of art and blading-culture:

featured skaters: Benny Harmanus, Jojo Jakobi, Sven Boekhorst, Bartosz Beller, Etienne Vogel, Robin Bosgra, Daniel Groner, Maik Lojewski, Jeremy Kessler and tons of other fruitbooters and friends!!

Make sure to check back on for the second official edit including all the high-class pictures (taken by the man himself “Lars Echterhoff”) and a report which will be online sometime next week.

Much love,

-Nick. D




3 responses

1 07 2009

Nick, thanks a lot dude. I was wondering what have you been up to lately!? I was sending you emails but you didn’t reply. We shoud set up another big session in canada anytime soon! I am down for that and it would be nice to work with you on that as your website and your work you putting into it is amazing. Don’t pay attention to any haters. I can see your work from a neutral point and I think you are just too smart to pay attention to any form of other people’s disregards…

Thanks for putting it up and keep it up. The whole rollTogether-family is appreciating your work and thank you!

Olli, Lars, Maik, Rene!

2 07 2009

Hey Olli. I know I wasn’t responding to my e-mails for a while. It was kinda of a weird / busy time. However, it is amazing to hear from you again (it is always good to hear from you), and thank you for the kind words, they are very inspirational. As for the Rolltogether session, I will be sure to hit up your e-mail with some ideas.

3 07 2009

Yeah we’ll keep in touch. There is another edit coming online in the next days!

And it’s funny cause we had again another dude from Canada at the last session.

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