Nick’s Response To K-God’s Article

21 06 2009

Before you read this article you must read K-God’s article HERE for any of this to make sense.

I figured I would respond to K-God’s article point by point to answer all his questions and address all his accusations.

1) K-God Compares Rollerblading to the Olympics. It Ends Poorly.

Well, “K-God,” rollerblading isn’t in the Olympics, thus, showing no correlation between Rollerblading’s situation (many people hardly knowing rollerblading exists) and the Olympics (a world wide televised event that people wait years to watch). I like how you used what I said out of context to prove that it is the dumbest thing I ever said and that I am a “…a complete fucking idiot!” though.  This is a rollerblading website, and all topics I write about are conducive to rollerblading. When I made the statement that,

“I am willing to go as far as saying that if your competition is not a part of the World Rolling Series, then you have no right to use these titles”

It meant that all rollerblading competition shouldn’t use the categories “pro” or “am”  if they were not in the World Rolling Series. You took the statement completely out the article’s context, which was all about rollerblading competitions and categories (you can read it HERE), and placed it in the broader context of the world’s largest set of competitions, which the article didn’t touch on at all (but I tell you what, if rollerblading reaches 1/10th of the popularity of the Olympics or 1/10th of its notoriety, within the next 5 years, your statement may gain some validity. SOME).  I can only assume that you drew those conclusions yourself, but they are weakly correlated. Better luck next time though. Reading comprehension, it is a beautiful thing.

2) K-God says I Have a Reading Public, but then Tells Me to Stop Writing. I Become Confused.

In K-God’s second paragraph he tells me that

“Why? Oh god why? On earth would you go on and say that if we the reading publics were to write and article that you would put it up on Canadian Roll.”

This indicates to me that I have a reading public. K-God included, because he took time out to read my articles and respond to them. He even responded to my messages on the bladr board. However, in his last paragraph he tells me to “…Stop Giving Advice.” There are a few problems wrong with this statement.

First, K-God needs someone to teach him the difference between an opinion and advice. I never once stated that I was giving advice to the rollerblading community. Just sharing my opinions. People may be offended by my opinions, but it was their choice to read them, and I never imposed them on anyone in the form of advice. Second, if I have a reading public, including yourself, K-God, why would I stop writing my opinions (which you confused with advice). It seems that a lot of people deem my opinions to be valid (evidence can be found HERE, HERE and HERE and those are just a few).  Lastly, to answer you question of why I put up the offer to allow people to write article on the website, the answer is easy. I respect people’s opinions and I am wiling to take them into consideration and have a discussion about them. Can you say the same?

3) K-God Says that the Rollerblading Community Should Become an Oligarchy. I Think He is Wrong.

It seems that K-God believes that rollerblading is a type of oligarchy (form of government in which power effectively rests with a small elite segment of society).

K-God Says,

“Image is everything and you don’t have one, the dudes at the front line know what they are doing, leave it to them.”
He clearly believes that only those at the “top” should be making the decisions for rollerblading, and all those who have not paid there dues should just be bystanders and not participate. He believes that I am not one of the people at the top of this oligarchy, but he believes that he, along with the people behind Roll Toronto have paid their dues.

K-God Says,

“The Dudes behind Roll Toronto are awesome dudes. Well established in the rollerblading community, practice what they preach, but most importantly paid there fucking dues. Look bro, when you pay your dues you have the freedom to voice an opinion and people will respect it, hence why I can say what I say and do what I do and get away with it”

To be honest I didn’t even know what the fuck Roll Toronto was until he brought it up, so I don’t really know who the people behind it are (from what I can see it looks to be run by Guy Crawford).  Now I have no disrespect toward the people Roll Toronto, but why the fuck should they be the only ones contributing to Rollerblading while everyone else just watches? Because some pecking order in the Ontario scene that allows their opinions to be the only valid ones? I say fuck that.  I think everyone can contribute to rollerblading in some small way if they want to. You do not have to be the most popular (or the best rollerblader) to be heard, and just because you are not as established as other rollerbladers does not make your opinion any less valid or useful. Throughout history oligarchies have failed, because the combined ideas of everyone have always been more powerful than the select ideas of the few. I personally think everyone should have a say in the direction rollerblading is going. K-God disagrees.

4) Who the Fuck is Roll Toronto Anyway and Why do you Keep Bringing Them Up?

In an article about CanadianRoll K-God brings up Roger and Roll Toronto.  Roger is a close and personal friend of mine (my best friend in fact) and I will defend him to the end. So whatever he said I am sure it was valid. But honestly, I had no idea who the fuck Roll Toronto was until now. I wish them the best of luck though, whoever they are, and whatever they do.

5) Me and K-God Finally Agree on Something. Kind of.

K-God Says,

“Speaking of voicing an opinion you guy’s copy and paste info from other sites, yes you give credit but still. You guys do have some reviews, but who wants to read or watch a product review with someone who knows less about the actual product then I know about the inner workings of the female genetaila . When has Canadian Roll ever had late breaking news? Sorry once, and here it is… Canadian Roll is no more!”

For the most part I agree. The Old CanadianRoll just copy and pasted news. It was boring as fuck. I hated doing it. This is why the new CanadianRoll doesn’t do that unless I feel that the news is completely necessary to share (or if I just like it). However, it seems the new CanadianRoll is pissing some people off. So it is a case of, damned if you do, damned if you don’t. You insult the old CanadianRoll for the way it was run. I change it. You insult me for the new CanadianRoll and how I run it. Seems like I can’t make everyone happy.

K-God Says

“Back to the whole originality thing, have you ever heard of or Canadian Rolling? Strange eh? You are not pioneers, you most defiantly were not the first and wont be the last, not even close.”

I never claimed to be original. In fact, I have said that I am not original, throughout the whole “The Categories of Rollerblading, Fix Them. Seriously.” Article. I claimed that I ripped of the name of CanadianRoll from Rolling Revival (but so has everyone else with Roll in their name, really). I also claimed that I couldn’t come up with original names for the life of me.

However, I do disagree with you on two points.  First, the rhetorical question indicating that no one wants to read our product reviews. In response to this I will just post up a miniscule amount of people who have loved our review, I will even take them from separate sources, not just our website.

Ali (from the Rollerblade Esilo Review)

Great comprehensive review!
I really dig the professionalism of your hardware reviews.
Can’t wait to read the next one, keep up the good work!

Millet (From the Featherlite 2 Review)

Yo you do great reviews. Can you or someone on CA roll run a core balance frame review?

Alexia (Initial Brian Aragon 2 Razors Review)

I really appreciate all the help. I didn’t think you would write that much. It helped reansure me that I probly won’t have to pay $50 for more shipping lol. Thanks again.

Singularity (from the RW messageboard, about the initial Featherlite review)

Dude, that was a really good review. At first I thought you were just going to link to a picture of the frames and say, “Yeah, they are awesome!!11.” Nicely done.

Fendeshi (from the RW board, Kizer Fluid Review)

excellent excellent review man. currently a fan of gc but you almost pulled me to kizer man. thanks for a super honest review. cheers~

Guy from HL

Hey thanks for the review, i was seriously this close to buying the Carbons (this, meaning really fucking close) and then i decided that i am gonna go for the Icons 2. This review just concreted my decision that much more.

DP (Carbon Review)

awesomee revieww guy from hl made the right choice haha what size did u get nick 12 or 13

It would seem that a lot of people want to read our reviews.

Oh, and if that wasn’t enough, and it seems like Tom Hyser (and yes K-God, this time I am name dropping), one of the most innovative minds in rollerblading in terms of creating products, liked our review of the new Rollerblades Estilos.  When Roger met him at Bitter Cold, not only had he read the review, but was extremely impressed with it. So much so, that he wanted to give us another pair at cost to write a follow up. But what does Tom Hyser know about products? Right K-God?

For you last rhetorical question of when has CanadianRoll ever given late breaking news you may want to refer to both the Richie Eisler interviews HERE and HERE. The Cameron Card interview HERE, or one of the many Leon Basin Interviews (one of them can be found HERE if you want). That is just naming SOME of the original material. You may want to try looking a little harder next time before making bullshit accusations. Nice try though.

6) K-God Goes Back to the “Pro” and “Am” Discussion. It is Just as Painful as His First Attempt.

K-God accuses me of cutting down the kid who won “Am” because he competed against little kids. What K-God fails to realize is that I didn’t say that the whole “Am” category was comprised of “Little Jimmy’s.” I simply stated that competitions should be more accessible to little kids, and pointed out how this could help rollerblading in the long run. I also never said that the placing in a competition would make a little kid (or a kid of a lower skill level) continue rollerblading. In fact, I stated that it was the comradery and spirit of competition that would keep them in rollerblading. Once again, reading comprehension, it is an incredible talent that all should learn.

K-God then accuses me of name-dropping. K-God has not learned the definition of name dropping yet.  Name dropping is to impress others by showing you know important people.  I never once claimed to know the names I used in the article; I never claimed to know Aragon, Haffey, Broskow, or Morales. Nor did I use their names to impress anyone. I would hope by now, if people have followed rollerblading long enough, that they would know these names by heart and they wouldn’t impress anyone just by mentioning them. K-God seems to disagree. He must REALLY like them to be impressed by the mere mention of their names.

K-God then misinterprets me (again) and says that my article indicates that good rollerbladers in the Greater Toronto Area scene, such as “aron, Eric, Crizz, Blair and DUB”, would have to compete in “Am” K-God clearly didn’t understand the article, which indicated that they would not have to compete under the “Am” category, they could still compete under the “Pro” category, just under a different name (I won’t even insert a reading comprehension joke here, they are getting repetitive and too easy). K-God then concludes by slandering me

“Since you are so consumed with titles and categories I’ll put you under the heading “Go to Toys-r-us and get a pair of fisher price skates and can you finally get some new fucking pants” and you can fuck off. How about that champ?”

To answer you question K-God, I really don’t care where you place me. It seems that you write off most rollerbladers before you even meet them. It seems they haven’t paid their “dues” enough to be worthy of an opinion in your eyes. So slander me and use derogatory comments all you want, your narrow mindedness is the only defense I need.  That, and you nicknamed yourself K-God.


So there you have it, my response to K-God’s article. It seems I have disrupted someone’s perception of the rollerblading pecking order in the Greater Toronto Area. It looks like he is going to have to deal with it. Just for the record K-God, CanadianRoll isn’t going anywhere, and we don’t owe anyone “dues.” This will always be a forum for people to voice their opinions, even if they aren’t rollerblading’s elite. We can’t all be like you.

I hope to hear from you again!

-Nick D’Amico




12 responses

21 06 2009

this is seriously pathetic

21 06 2009

I love the new candianroll, definatly keeps me interested.

21 06 2009

Well done.. I am inpressed and I got to tell you, this is the direction you should have takin from the beginning. Someone had to step outta the wood wrok and see if this whole change in image would stand true.. Its has.. Keep it up and people will tune in.. You wanna cut me up please feel free anytime I can take it, not to mention it makes for a very interesting read.

21 06 2009

Fucking right.. Now the question is how can we keep this going?? I gotta tell you this is fun as shit.. If only some how we can keep this ruthless “gilmore girls” banter going I’m in for the long haul! lol! Any ideas? C’mon nick, your clearly a smart dude work with me here…

21 06 2009

haha, I have no idea, man. I have never been good with fake hate or animosity. I should have known you would have been the one to test the waters though.

21 06 2009

Okay well… Lets use our heads here… If I am not here to test the waters what the hell am I hear for?? LOL I’ll think of something…

21 06 2009
Aleks Siekierski

ahah i thoroughly enjoyed reading the opinions put forth by our contenders

22 06 2009

I am willing to place a bet that Kyle was drunk when he wrote this……..Anyone??…………….. Bueller?

24 06 2009

im out with camron rollin in his daddy’s fly ride, leave a message at the bleep.

25 06 2009

holy crap that was a lot of readin…looks like k-god is trying to cover his drunken antics on his comments. lol
As fun as all that was to go through…That’s the whole “old school” mentality that almost and basically did kill the Toronto scene in the first place back in 2003-2005.

We need to unite to make our sport stronger…all this controversy and drama is just fucking with our sport in the long run.

In my eyes, Nick has done nothing but try his best to boost our dying scene and help bring the us all together. Regardless if this is a “test” or not…I will always stick with C-roll. Nick is a solid dude with solid facts and valid opinions. New or not…I see the love he has for the sport and I stand by his efforts.

Keep up the good work Nick.
Later homez.

25 06 2009

oh and Alex….I was literally thinking that same thing when I was reading through lol.
But I always love to read Kyle’s antics…I always get a kick out of them.

25 06 2009

sorry….it was dub that said that. My bad lol

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