K-God’s Opinion on CanadianRoll and Other Topics

21 06 2009

Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls children of all ages (18+) I’d like to welcome you to the “Canadian Roll is as washed up as a cheating wife coming home to her husband” show.

1.               Where to begin? Where to begin? I don’t know… I could go more ways then Tial Tequila.

Holly shit, the first thing I got to say is and I quote…”I am willing to go as far as saying that if your competition is not a part of the World Rolling Series, then you have no right to use these titles” Nick you are a clown. That seriously had to be the absolute dumbest thing I heard in my life. I think you should send the Olympics an email clearly stating you animosity towards them for also using the terms amateur and professional. You should also state that if they don’t wont to part with such terms then they should join the World Rolling Series. You are a complete fucking idiot! This is just one of the reasons I decided to write this little piece and to tell you the fact that you have officially lost all right to speak in public again.

I do have a small question for you though Nick… Why? Oh god why? On earth would you go on bladr.com and say that if we the reading publics were to write and article that you would put it up on Canadian Roll. C’mon Nick, use your head bro. Your telling me that within this awesome community of rollerblading, with the hecklers, degenerates and attention seeing ego-maniacs (my self being the best example) you thought that noone would dare to write this, that’s worse then Paul Bernardo teaching a girls gym class.

Roll Toronto… So Roger jumps on this website and starts verbally vomiting about originality and such. Who thinks Roger’s glasses aren’t near thick enough. Clearly he can’t see exactly whom he was talking to. The Dudes behind Roll Toronto are awesome dudes. Well established in the rollerblading community, practice what they preach, but most importantly paid there fucking dues. Look bro, when you pay your dues you have the freedom to voice an opinion and people will respect it, hence why I can say what I say and do what I do and get away with it. Speaking of voicing an opinion you guy’s copy and paste info from other sites, yes you give credit but still. You guys do have some reviews, but who wants to read or watch a product review with someone who knows less about the actual product then I know about the inner workings of the female genetaila . When has Canadian Roll ever had late breaking news? Sorry once, and here it is… Canadian Roll is no more! Rollerblading has less use for you then grind plates. Back to the whole originality thing, have you ever heard of Roll.ca or Canadian Rolling? Strange eh? You are not pioneers, you most defiantly were not the first and wont be the last, not even close. I do wish this was a simple case of passing the torch, a eventual evolution theory, you know the one where dominance rules? Shit this is not even a Wal-Mart moving into a small town and overthrowing the little guy. I hate to say it but in this case… In the land of the blind the one eyed man is not king.

In the new article, you ramble on about a beginner category. You go on and on a few good points made, but you are either “Pro” or you are not and if you are not you are an “Am”. Not to mention that you completely cut down the kid that actually won “Am” for beating a little kid . If you not winning a contest does not push “little Jimmy” to want to win the next one and roll with the big boys that’s his issue, not mine not yours not the kid that won the “Am” contest. I’ll give it to you though; I do hear what you’re saying about the kids and new faces. With our sport not being what it once was do we really need kids who are not going to continue rollerblading because of a contest category or placing? This sport does not need kids coxed or babied through it. No coaches or babysitters, you are competing against yourself. We were all “little Jimmy’s” at one time or another and we got through it with just “Pro and Am”. You said when you think of “Pro’s” then you name drop like a $10.00 snitch. I am not those guys I never even was close but I have competed with those dudes more then once and yeah I got my ass kicked and I am still rollerblading, am I not? So if for example like Aaron, Eric, Crizz, Blair and DUB (Look who’s name dropping now) have to skate in “Am” Then what are you? Since you are so consumed with titles and categories I’ll put you under the heading “Go to Toys-r-us and get a pair of fisher price skates and can you finally get some new fucking pants” and you can fuck off. How about that champ?

Rollerblading does not need to be fixed, it just need dumb idiots to stop giving advice about what’s wrong with he sport and realize that they are what is wrong with the sport. Image is everything and you don’t have one, the dudes at the front line know what they are doing, leave it to them.
The One and Only
Infamous K*GOD

P.S. Brain you are still awesome.




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21 06 2009
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21 06 2009

Werd K-god, thanks for the mention lol.

21 06 2009

Thats what I do bro!

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