“Task Around 2008- The Jimmy Key Show” Review

17 06 2009

I hate doing video reviews. There I said it. Why do you think throughout Canadian Roll’s history there have only been a handful of video reviews done? There are a number of reasons why I hate doing these things, but two of the most prominent reasons are that…

A) All videos are subjective. What one person may deem shitty another may deem amazing. So what difference does it make if I find a video to be good or bad?

B) Most of the videos follow the same format, and are boring as fuck to review. I feel like I could just make a template for a review of each video and just fill it in with each new release. It’s not that most videos are bad or boring; it’s just that most are the same in format and content (a rail here, a ledge there, some park thrown in the mix, sprinkled with some hard / creative tricks, all divided by “sections.” Trust me, this is great to watch but fucking horrible to write about). This is why most online reviews come off looking like paint by numbers, generic and bland. If you don’t believe me, ask yourself this question, when was the last time you read a video review online and it actually compelled you to pick up the video?

Having said that, there have been some videos that have broken the formula (anything released by the SOL crew, “Jack Be Nimble,” “Black Market,” the “Apples” series, etc…) and I feel those videos are worthy to write about because they bring something new to the table that actually allows a review to be worthwhile. This is why I probably like documentary style videos over the generic “sections” videos.

I can honestly say that “Task Around 2008- The Jimmy Key Show” enters into this category. This has been one of the best videos I have picked up as of late, and people who know me, know that I pick up many videos. The video is not broken up into sections, but rather the creator and editor, Leon Basin has decided to give the viewer a little glimpse of what a tour throughout Canada for 36 days by car would look like. Yes, the skating is good, but no, that isn’t what makes this video good. What drives this video is the personalities, and trust me when you drive across Canada for 36 days and meet different people in the rollerblading community, you get tons of personalities. Everyone featured in this video brings something to the table, and the main people featured (Leon Basin, Todd McInerney, James Kopetski (A.K.A Jimmy Key), Eli, Steve Eising ) are the glue that holds this video together. This video draws you right in and makes you feel that your right next to Leon as he talks about the “material” in his brain after driving for days on end with little sleep, or you’re their watching Todd come up with a line that you would never think of doing, or that your out with Stevie E on a night of drunken debauchery.

So if you have been rollerblading a while I say pick up this video, it will bring flashbacks of all the great times you have had on the road with your rollerblading friends. Memories of all the great blading, laughs, fast food, energy drinks, picking on one another, and getting in trouble.

If you’re new to rollerblading I still say pick this up. It is an excellent representation of the great times you can expect to have, and a fantastic representation of Canadian blading. The people shown on the video are the types of great people you can expect to encounter if you stick with rollerblading.

Lastly, if you’re a Canadian blader, don’t be a douche and show no interest in Canadian video releases. How else are we supposed to progress in skating, filming, and editing? And if you’re not buying the videos why should experienced videographers and editors put time into making them? Trust me, they don’t like loosing money and time. I have seen too many bladers pass up great Canadian videos because they were not released by a major company.  Your missing out.

Link to buy the “Task Around 2008” DVD can be found HERE.

-Nick. D




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