Haha, Deshi Fail

16 06 2009

Do I really have to write anything here? The material practically writes itself. I think I will write an article on this. But one minor observation here, it looks like the Deshi team will be added to the ranks of the 2.3 trillion member USD team…good for them (seriously USD has a pro USA team, a pro international team, a amateur team, a prospects team, and a flow team. Whats next guys, a toddler team, wait, what about a toddler international team?)

Hey, does this mean that my Carbon will be worth something some day? Oh wait, it’s rollerblading never mind. Silly question.

Does this mean that with a leaner meaner Conference, we can expect products out on time? You know, like those Eisler thrones that were supposed to be out…last Christmas.

I think the jokes are going to be too easy for this one.


For the original post, with the original message of failure, go HERE.




3 responses

17 06 2009
Adam P

The conference made Deshi into USD, one name, nothing died. All of the models will be produced and continued, just under the new name.

18 06 2009

ya Nick we all know the conference pisses you off,,,, i heard deshi only makes 12 carbon skates a day and they need to increase production so why not link up to become a bigger company in rollerblading. we can all laugh when deshi releases pics of their new skate, then releases the actual booot 2 years later, im all 4 companys linking up razors/rems/groundcontroll it just ensures highest quality for affordable prices…

18 06 2009

Good point DP. Dually noted.

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