aNIMHals European Tour 2009 Edit

15 06 2009

See this is what I like. Companies making edits I actually care about. Other companies in rolling need to take notice and stop throwing some rinky dink bullshit tricks together for their online edits. DVD sales are dismal and rolling needs to embrace that putting out good online content is what gets your company notoriety (look how many more people gave shit about HEAT wheels after the Stockwell park edit, I am willing to bet that it got HEAT more fans then their DVD). Nimh has done it since the beginning, same with Valo, and look how well their doing. And don’t get all uptight because I didn’t mention other companies, it’s just these two companies are doing it the best.

This edit is no joke, solid tricks throughout, and I think I cheered a couple of times when I first pressed play. Also, Montre is a monester, and Shima will never stop having style. So start the edit up and get ready to be envious.

-Nick. D




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