Final Carbon Review…A.K.A The One the Conference Probably Won’t Acknowledge.

11 06 2009

I figured people waited long enough for the review, so I am posting it without pictures. When the batteries on my camera charge, and when I feel like taking some pictures (probably Monday) you will see the review in its complete glory. Until that time just enjoy just the write up. If you have any questions, about the skate, or want another aspect covered just let me know in the comments section and I will make that happen when I have time, but I promise I will make it happen.

It looks like I upset some people with not posting my follow up Deshi Carbon review promptly. Many people have asked me, “Nick, where is the next review?” Well the answer is simple, I stopped riding the Carbons. I have been riding my Xsjados to everyone’s dismay (including my own). I pretty much shorted myself $450 (well more than that, but I like to tell myself $450). I remember a kid on the Rollernews messageboard saying “You will be back on Xsajdos in no time,” when I first put up the initial review. In my head I convinced myself that this kid was wrong and just another skeptic who didn’t want to shell out the money for rolling’s next big thing. Unfortunately, he was right.

Now don’t get me wrong the Deshi Carbon is not a bad skate, at all. It just wasn’t what I was expecting. If you read any of the online hype before the skate was released you would think the skate was the equivalent of when UFS was introduced, something that would change rollerblading forever. Trust me, they didn’t. The skate is good, its just nothing overly spectacular, and I would go so far as to say, NOT worth their price tag. Now a lot of people would disagree with me, which is fine, but the reviews I have seen online have been overly one sided. Maybe people didn’t want to admit the flaws with the skates because they just spent a fairly large sum of money on them or emptied out their accounts and have been living off of Mr. Noodles and the McDonald’s dollar menu.

Boot Feel

I am going to get my biggest problem out of the way first. These skates just don’t feel right to me. The best comparison is if I slapped on some souls to a modified Graph hockey skate. The skates have that stiff feeling, particularly in the Carbon base, that leads to a very rigid feeling all around your foot. Some people like this feeling, but as for me, it just gave me a sense of being detached from my skate, which some people may find odd because the skate is so streamlined, but fuck those people this is my review. The stiff feeling gave me a sense of inflexibility that I just didn’t like. This is especially true around the ankle, you get a sense that your ankle is in almost a cast, and moving it around is not the most natural feeling in the world. This negative feeling is only compounded by the fact that the carbon fiber ends at the top of your ankle, and you get a sense of disconnect between the upper cuff and the rest of the skate. It is a rigid boot mixed in with a soft cuff, which gives the skate a somewhat erratic feel because you have both extremes culminating in one area. Bottom line, for overall feel, I still have yet to find a boot that fits my style of skating like a Xsjado. I skated the Carbons until I felt they were adequately broken in, waiting for the amazing feeling to come. It didn’t.

The boots weight has been discussed in a fair bit of detail on line so I will give you a quick run down.

1. Yes, the boot is extremely lite and it is noticeable…for the first few minutes.

2. No, you won’t jump higher, and if you do it is most likely not because of the skate. I don’t understand the fascination with lite products and jumping higher, Demetrios George rides on Legacies and he will out jump you wearing your child sized jeans and your Roces M12s (yup, I make generalizations all the time).

3. Yes, I did enjoy kicking my feet around and spinning in them; it was most likely an unintended effect, but damn was it fun.


I have to hand it to Deshi, they made a good looking skate. It’s slim and sleek, with a lot of little details that shows that a fair bit of thought went into the boot design. From the higher quality buckle, down to the detailed stitching on the boot, you can tell this skate wasn’t just thrown together. It seems like everything used on this boot was of a high caliber, so from an aesthetic standpoint I have no qualms with the Carbon.

Although the Carbon boot doesn’t suffer aesthetically, there are functionality problems. I said it in the initial review and I will say it again, the buckle needs some fine-tuning. I skated this boot a handful of times and the buckle kept on coming loose and getting hit. I knew right out of the package it would be a problem; it was a last minute solution put together to meet an ever growing deadline in the face of ever growing hype, not the best combination, but I figure by now the Conference is used to it.

I also have a small problem with some of the riveting placement. Specifically, on the receptors of the heel lock buckle. They most likely won’t rip off, but if they do, you’re pretty much fucked. I would have liked to see an option where the bolt could have been replaced, but I am sure someone will give me some answer why this wasn’t possible. It will most likely involve the receptors and the carbon fiber, and I wont care about it. Bottom line, I enjoy heel lock, if these ripped off I wouldn’t be able to replace them and I would be pissed. Do you really want that Deshi?


One of my favorite things about this boot is the soul. They are fast, I love the backslide plate (which I didn’t think I would coming off of Xsjados), and they are simple yet effective. All things that make good souls. The only complaint I have is that they could have been slimmed down a bit. This boot looks like it was made for people who still practice foot binding, its tiny, so why do the souls rival Xsjado’s in width? It seems a bit excessive.


The Carbon is a good skate. But I don’t think it is $440 good (boot only…before taxes…before shipping). Fuck, for a skate to be that good it would have to give me tantric orgasms while writing thesis papers and cleaning my room. Some people may try and tell you that back in the day it was common to spend that much, but this isn’t back in the day, and that is a large chunk of change to lay down on some boots. Having said that, I respect the direction Deshi is going in; innovation in products is always a good thing. I respect that they took a risk. And I respect the ad campaign up until the skates release, they hyped up the skate community so hard that everyone was saying stupid shit about the pushed back release date, but in the back of their heads they knew that one syllable of positive feedback about the Carbons and they would whip out their credit cards and spend a small fortune in a heart beat (and I am included in this group). However, in the end the skate just wasn’t right for me, the feel was the killer, which is too bad because I wanted to love these skates. Oh well, maybe I’ll get lucky with the next “big innovative product.”

-Nick. D




10 responses

11 06 2009
Old Guy

Thanks for the update. Very fair and informative review.
My decision just got harder.

11 06 2009
roger wilkinson

very fair review, but you forgot to mention how the souls look like wings. lol way to drop the ball nick , ahahahhahahha. seriously though i loved the honesty.

peace gangster

12 06 2009

My decision also got harder.. :\

12 06 2009
Guy Crawford

Nice review nick, you covered everything well, good fair review.

13 06 2009

nice review, however i don’t agree with you on the price tag. Just by taking a glance at snowboard or bmx prices, you’ll be able to see that skates are still very cheap in comparison. Based on your review, these skates are pretty good, therefore 450 is still an acceptable price, even if it doesn’t include a tantric orgasm 😉

14 06 2009
Guy from HL

Hey thanks for the review, i was seriously this close to buying the Carbons (this, meaning really fucking close) and then i decided that i am gonna go for the Icons 2. This review just concreted my decision that much more.

15 06 2009

Glad I could help!

15 06 2009

awesomee revieww guy from hl made the right choice haha what size did u get nick 12 or 13

16 06 2009

Glad to see another side.. but mine came down about 2 weeks ago and they’re loosening u nicely for me.

At the end of the day it would be boring if everyone skated the same skate. Im just glad im getting on REALLY well with my carbons… I will do an in depth review soon i thinks…

Oh good to see you posting again!

21 06 2009

Hey DP, I got the 11 boot.

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