Holy Shit, I’M Back

6 06 2009

Well looks like I’m back. I have been contemplating whether to keep this blog going or not, and after some discussion with some people I have decided to keep going with it. Canadian Roll started with a common goal of uniting Canadian skaters, and with all the e-mails and personal interest I have received since I went on my extremely extended hiatus, it seems to have achieved its goal. I was just too blind sided for a long period of time to notice it.

I would like to personally thank all the people who have told me to “keep going,” especially Roger Wilkinson, and Brian Lofgren (who was the only one updating this site for a LONG time).

Now on to business. I am tired of posting a thousand news items a day, with my new job, and actually wanting to get out to skate and have a social life it just wont happen. I am not going to be posting the same recycled material as much as before. If the news is really big I will post it, or if I deem it important enough to get coverage. What I plan on doing is a LOT of opinion pieces, reviews,interviews, etc… these seem to have gotten the most attention in the past, and I received the most joy out of doing them, so it is only logical Canadian Roll moves in this direction.

What you can expect in the near future is

1) A follow to the Deshi Carbon review that no one will care about because those who wanted the skates bought them by now.
2) A review of the Task-Around DVD.

Lastly, for all those who have complained in any way, shape, or form, fuck you, and do a better job yourselves.




6 responses

7 06 2009

Keep up the good work.
I’m looking forward to your follup review of the Carbon.

7 06 2009

I’m definitely looking forward to the carbon review and the dvd review. I’m still unsure on either of those.

8 06 2009
simon davis

yeah i wanna see this carbon review u sexy beast

8 06 2009

Так зачитался, что пропустил любимую передачу)

8 06 2009

what is a carbon? do you guys know when the new element dvd drops? i heard bam has a sick section

17 06 2009

Good to see you back, man.

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