Task-Around Tour 2008 DVD Released!

29 05 2009

That’s right, the anticipated release of the Task Around tour from 2008 is finally released. You can pick it up on the Shop-Task website. Support Jimmy Key!

Task Around 2008


Task Around 2009!

27 05 2009

The Shop-Task Task Around tour kicks off this Saturday, May 30. Leon, AJ, and whoever else is accompanying them will be making their first stop at Mississauga’s Iceland Skatepark. The tour will last until June 14th, ending at the Brampton Comp. For more information click HERE.

Task Around Tour 2009

Bladr – Shop in Ontario.

12 05 2009

You can now order product through Bladr.com! Simply place your order and then you can pick it up on Sunday at Mississauga’s Iceland between 6-7 PM. They do not accept cash transactions.

Go check out their inventory!


Brampton Comp. 3

8 05 2009

The third annual Brampton competition at Chinguacousy skatepark in, well, Brampton is taking place on June 14th. Dave Ghent has put together a sweet site with more information. I hope to see everyone there.

Brampton Comp 3 Flyer


Quick edit out of Hamilton

6 05 2009

With summer fast approaching, and good weather already upon us, it’s good to start seeing some edits coming out. This one in particular is from fellow Hamilton roller, Alex Siekierski. Alex is particularily new to the rolling scene so this is excites me to see the progress he has made.