A Deshi Carbon Initial Review

31 03 2009

Recently I was lucky enough to get my hands on some Deshi carbons, but seeing as the internet has already been flooded with numerous posts on this skate I will keep my initial reaction to the skates brief (brief by my standards…).

Initial impressions

The skate is very light, even when the skate is completely set up and than compared to my Xsjado with no wheels or bearings in, they are noticeably lighter.


The skate has a very solid feel especially the base of the skate that is comprised of carbon fiber. Because the skate is so solid your going to want to get your size. I am a size 11 and I got a size 11 skate and it fits perfectly. The individual foot sizes for each boot are a definite plus that adds to the comfort and overall compact feel of the skate. I know that this costs a lot of money to accomplish, but I really wish more boot companies would look into get individual size molds, you can really feel the difference. It should be noted that  you can still expect the break in period that comes with all skates, my foot started to hurt after an hour of rolling around on the carbons. The hurting wasn’t drastic, and was no different from when I break in new pairs of Xsjado skates.


The skate is low cut, I am talking super low cut. This is especially true for me because I am coming off of Xsjado one of the highest cut skates on the market. I can see where this may be an annoyance for some people. Having said that, the transition between Xsjados and carbons was seamless. The supportive cuff helped this transition immensely, so as long as the cuff stays supportive I can see no problems with it. However, as most people know, this has been Deshi’s Achilles heel for quite some time, and I can only hope that it has been fixed. All initial indicators says it has, but only time will tell.



The souls add to the compact feeling of the skate, their low profile seems to fit the skate design just right. When compared to the size of the Xsjado souls, the carbons hold up quite nicely. Not as monstrously huge as the Xsjado, but still more than enough space on the positive and negative sides of the boot. I also put some Xsjado souls on the boot, and I have to say, they did not look as bad as I expected (because I have rather large feet and the carbon is so compact), but I would still stick with the soul that comes with the carbon. Having said that, because the souls are so thin I am scared they are going to wear down quickly. Also, I think they offer no protection to the boot at all, which is something I would have liked to have seen. Other than that I am not going to say too much more about the soul until I have more time to test them.




I am a little worried that there is no liner in this skate, and I hope the padding will maintain its comfort overtime, but I doubt that it will.

The footbed provided is the footbed that I have seen in all Deshi/USD products, it is nothing special.  I say if you have a chance, stick some Dr. Scholls footbeds in, it will be well worth it.

The buckle looks like its going to break eventually, which is a shame because I like this buckle a lot. Unfortunately, the receiver sticks out much more than the protection around it. I could tell this was an afterthought when Deshi switched buckles at the last minute around Christmas. A couple of good bails on this thing and I am more than sure it is going to break.



I figure the question on everyone’s mind is, “Is the skate worth the high price tag?” I am going to have to say that I don’t know yet. The skate is definitely one of the better feelings skates I have ever tried and the boot’s weight amazes me. However, I don’t think a lot of Canadians are going to pull this skate out of the box and say, “Wow I am sure glad I spent half of a grand, or more, on this skate!” This is one of those skates that are going to have to prove themselves overtime. If the boot can endure the beating I put it through, if the cuff does not go soft, if the padding stays comfortable, if the souls last a lot longer than I think they will, and if the buckle somehow miraculously does not break, then I will consider this a skate to be worth its price tag. Until that time I say if your looking for a super light skate, or are in dire need of a skate, you should definitely look into the carbon. However, if your on the fence you may want to a month or so until some better reviews come out. So far all I have seen is endless reviews praising the skate.

Remember, keep your senses and don’t be blown away by the hype of the pictures and people telling you “I jumped 20 feet higher because of these skates” Or “I can spin an extra 360 degrees” because that is simply not the case. Don’t be a fool and do your homework, because over $500 for a boot only skate is expensive and it’s better to have all the information in front of you before making that decision. Luckily, CanadianRoll will be here to help you with your decision. We don’t owe anyone anything for these skates, and our opinions are completely unbiased. If the skate ends up being a piece of shit, I will be more than happy to tell you that the skate was a piece of shit.

-Nick. D




16 responses

31 03 2009

sweet sweet…COMEBACK KID

1 04 2009

A review of a product fresh out of the box is not beneficial to the masses. Skating the product for more than a week would in actuality help us make up our minds. “Only time will tell, or I think, or I can’t say yet” is not a review at all. I understand you may be excited about getting a free pair of carbons in mail, thus posting photos on your blog ASAP. Asking a bunch of questions to yourself with no definitive answer, referring to “more time needed” is basically just a “first impressions” review. Please consider this in future endeavors. And post a real review once you’ve skated the things for more than 3 days.

1 04 2009

Oh so you mean….like an initial review….like the title says. Would you look at that. Instead of taking time to attack, you may want to read carefully next time.

1 04 2009

Free pair of skates in the mail? He bought them with his own damn money just like anybody else, and if you dont like what you read nobody forced you to read it

1 04 2009

This has to be the best review of the carbons I have read so far. It’s honest and unbiased. All the other reviews I have read are the same, “OMG they are the best” …”I can jump 123283823 feet higher with these skates”. Nick D is the man! Best review of the carbons ever. Don’t believe the hype

1 04 2009
Roger Wilkinson

WOW, Mr. “Roper” seems to fancy himself intelligent yet he is apparently unable to read. And as “d” said Nick did not get them for free! why does everyone think we here at CanadianRoll get everything for free?!

1 04 2009

They’re so pretty. Prettyness outweighs performance, everybody knows that!!

1 04 2009
i'm just sayin...

maybe listing the category as something other than ‘Promotion’ would help people’s perceptions of how you guys got these blades. a title like ‘initial thoughts’ might have been more accurate as well… all in all, good work guys and i guess we’ll wait so read a followup (well not me, mine’ll be here friday haha).

3 04 2009
mark O.

I herd you say that you put the xsjado soulplates on the skate. so does that mean any skate can fit any soulplate or is it just some kind of special relationship that deshi and xsjado souls have? Maybe you cut the soul to the right size and drilled holes(probably not, just asking) but ya it would be great if you could give me a response about that at :


Thanks again, mark O.

21 04 2009

So you’ve had them for close to a month now, any updates? I appreciate this review and I’m looking forward to more reviews in the future that report on how this skate holds up. Many thanks!

28 04 2009

I can’t wait for another more in-depth review of these boots.

I live in the U.S., and these boots are $350. That’s way too pricey for a boot only. Period. You can buy boot only’s of any skate on the market for $250 or less. I bought Xsjado basic boot only for $199 and they’ve lasted me well since last October.

28 04 2009

You have to remember that The Conference makes recreational/speed skates, not just aggressive stuff. It looks to me like the R&D team on the speed skate side decided to switch over and make an aggressive style boot with the same types of materials. What do you think would be more comfortable in the long run, these Deshi carbons (didn’t they just come out with “carbon” CH1 skates a year ago that would revolutionize skating?) with no liner at all, or Xsjados which will last you years and you can at least switch around parts from skate-to-skate. There aren’t any other skates like this so you can’t switch around cuffs, souls, and buckles like you could with say, razors or xsjados. That’s a huge negative for me.

The soul plates that come with the carbons don’t look too solid either. A couple years ago I bought a pair of Deshi DK4 boots and they were honestly the worst decision I ever made when it came to buying a pair of boots. They were the most awkward boots I’ve ever worn in my whole 13 years of skating. Don’t be fooled by the hype and cool look of these products!

29 04 2009

I don’t think these skates are as good as everyone (even the pros) thinks they are. People, don’t believe all this “oh man they are so light I can jump 50000000 times higher with these skates” cause it’s not true. I had the Remz os 2 and they are super light, but that didn’t really change anything in my skating really, but they are awesome skates though. BAck to the carbons. The other thing is, if you know anything about carbon fiber, is that it can easily break and bend, especially with heat. Like carbon fiber for cars, it is light and looks good, but is not reliable. I think these skates won’t last very long especially since you can’t remove or change the liners. What happens when your liners rip and tear? You would have to get brand new skates and these skates aren’t cheap. $350 for a boot only? Deshi, you have got to be kidding. Don’t believe this crap that these skates will last long cause everyone skates differently and some people rip liners faster than others. What others have said about xsjados or remz or razors being better than this carbon skate is true. Don’t believe the hype people. This skate is a waste of money.

2 05 2009

CH speaks the Truth.

I’m much more keen on simplicity when it comes to boot/frame design. Say what you may, but to me personally, Xsjados are very simple and straight forward. The skates are streamline (especially the soul plate system) even though they have a wacky lock-in shoe system. This is rad. They are like buddhist rollerblade boots! 🙂 jk

Same goes for frames. Give me some GC Formula 1’s or GC Featherlight frames any day of the week over these crazy freestyle frames Kizer (i.e., Conference) comes out with. Simplicity is where it’s at when it comes to skate design.

Deshi needs to hype these skates up like crazy and have the USD pro’s skate them considering they are selling them for $350 U.S. dollars. How else do you expect them to sell these boots? These things aren’t Michael Jordan sneakers where the name alone sells the product. Hype and publicity has to be made and these are most likely the most hyped of skates ever.

ya dig…

6 05 2009

RZA I’m glad there’s someone else out there not falling for this Carbon hype.

I know that there will be a lot of people that will buy the carbons, but I’m also certain that not all of them will like the skates. All those people that didn’t like deshi before cause of the cuffs will still end up hating them for that reason. Oh and don’t tell me things like “don’t say anything until you try them out” because I’ve already got a chance to try them out. My personal opinion on them is that the weight issue, you don’t even notice it as much as they make it seem. If you’ve skated other deshis like the CK or CK 2 or even the kicks 3, the carbons are pretty much like that. I didn’t feel like I could jump higher. I skate Remz os 2 and the only time you notice the weight difference is in your hands, other than that, I would go with either remz or Xsjado. The soul plates slide like the CH1 plates, no real difference. Don’t even get me started on those Kizer slim line, the only thing I will say is that they are horrible. Stick with GC! Nice try deshi, but the carbons won’t last. You should re-release the kicks 3 in different colors. Now those skates were awesome.

22 05 2009

when will you follow this review up ?? Im waiting for my Carbons.. its killing me. I need more reviews and pictures.

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