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29 03 2009

I’m sure many of you have been checking our site for the last couple of weeks and are wondering what is going on with us?!  Here at CanadianRoll we have been extremely busy as of late. Nick has tons of school work, and I’ve been preparing to move to Ottawa, so the site has not received the attention that it deserves.  Our enthusiasm has also been subdued by winter and our ever growing disappointment in Canadian rollerbladers. For those of you who are wondering what I’m talking about, I’m referring to the lack of involvement of all of our readers. We have asked repeatably for reader input such as stories, pics, and edits to help us create a more connected community of rollerbladers across the country, yet time and time again we have been let down.  It seems our readers expect us to pour our entire lives into constantly updating the site, and throwing costly events, yet they can’t even take 10 min to send us their edits or pictures. We have even been hated on by some for missing an edit or two, and not getting them promptly posting on the site. So I’m sure you guys can see why we have been a little disappointed and frustrated with rollerblading lately. However, I can assure you that this drought will not last for long. We have still been busy behind the scenes and are planning to relaunch CanadianRoll some time in April. We will have a new site and a new format, but will still continue to bring you all of the things you have grown to love about CanadianRoll. We can only hope now that our readers from across the country decide to help us out and provide us with more input for the site,  because we firmly believe that we are CANADIANROLL and nothing less. Stay tuned for more information on the new website and new format in the coming weeks.

– Nick D. & Roger         




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29 03 2009

I have a lot of respect for you guys and what you do, but you can’t place blame on other people for lack of updates on YOUR website. Last time I checked, there has been 4-5 updates on shop-task alone that are not advertised anywhere, maybe on the be-mag message board, but not everybody checks that regularly. I almost feel offended that you’re complaining about people not submitting content, considering it’s just getting nice out as of lately, and not many people make edits. I made a couple, posted them on Bladr, which I know a few of you frequent, and I apologize for not emailing them to you. But this just seems like a low blow to Canadians as to why you guys don’t have ANY updates.

Like I said, I’m not hating, not mad, but just a offended as a canadian rollerblader, and I’m sorry that you feel this way towards us.


29 03 2009

Ps – I do realize you guys have your own separate lives, school, work and whatnot to deal with, same as everyone else, so I know those are legitimate reasons why there are few updates..

30 03 2009

Your right Dub I can’t place blame on others for lack of content on our site. I take full responsibility for that, and that is no ones fault (including Roger) but my own. Having said that, we have ran CanadianRoll for three years now, and barely ANY content has come in from outside readers, and the content that usually comes in we have to persistently ask people for (this definitely does not mean everyone though, there have been a few people who do things legit and give us stuff when they say they will or people/ companies that do e-mail me information). So please don’t tell me “it’s just getting nice out..” It has just been getting nice out for three years now. We want this to be CanadianRoll, with content coming in from all parts of Canada, but that is simply not the case. This is even more annoying because when I meet rollers I get, “I love what your doing with CanadianRoll, how can I help?” Or I get, “I will help you anyway I can, man.” When it comes time to produce I see nothing, which really does not surprise me.

Another annoying point is when we throw an event it largely goes unnoticed, and I am not talking about some piece of shit competition that was thrown together in a week (which usually get a bigger turn out than anything CanadianRoll promotes). H.S.W 2 drew in less people than the first and actually had months more planning and about a thousand dollars spent on it when it was all said and done. Barely anyone took notice and a lot of you did not show. I have heard some people thinking that we got all those prizes for free, trust me that was not the case. I guess it was just not worth it to show, I’m sure most people had work/grandmothers birthdays/ excuse #3/ house on fire, to deal with even though H.S.W 2 was promoted MONTHS before time.

Although you may be right that not updating falls directly on my shoulders, you miss the bigger point that many people do not contribute nor care. Thus, I become discouraged and see no need in putting time or effort, especially when I am in my last year of a undergrad degree going into a Masters program. If people don’t care, I don’t care. I really can’t see why your offended, no one cared when CanadianRoll was doing updates everyday, but it seems now that it has taken a hiatus everyone is up in arms. Having said that, there are people who have helped me along the way and for those few I am truly thankful, they added a lot of joy into running CanadianRoll and motivated me to keep doing it for as long as I did without taking a break.

Lastly, if people are offended I really don’t care (be they Canadian or not). Rollerblading is filled with bullshit formalities that make people hold their tongues when someone should be speaking up. The new CanadianRoll will cut through all that bullshit, and will show both the good and bad in rolling, and we will not sugar cote things like was done before. This new direction will most likely piss off some people, but, ultimately will be better for those reading and those involved. So I guess the message is, if you don’t like what we are saying, don’t pay attention. It really doesn’t matter to me, personally. When the site is relaunched the editorials and articles will continue to go up, even if no one reads them, but trust me, they will be packed full of worthwhile content.

30 03 2009

I definitely see your point, and it’s a good one. I do realize that more people need to contribute, and support, when in fact, its a website for the people by the people.

It doesn’t change my previous statement, the original message just came off a bit harsh, but I do agree with what you just said, and I’m glad you’re taking a stand and doing what you think is right in your eyes.

I’ll try my best this year to help contribute and support Canadianroll.ca.

Best of luck to you guys.

30 03 2009

I never post and never contribute, and for that I am sorry. For the past 2 years I have only come to your site for information, I love watching new edits, especially local. What I am trying to say is that most rollers that I know love to skate, party and then do there own thing, they are a very hard bunch to sway away from those three areas, myself included. Even if you don’t have a lot of people helping, what you are doing is very noble, and definitely does not go unnoticed or unappreciated within the rolling community. Even if you get the occasional hate, thats bound to happen. The no bullshit approach will be great, how would you like me to help? write out a list of things you want me to do, and I will do it, here is my email joshua_s-b@hotmail.com.

P.S when are you planning to come to Ottawa?

30 03 2009

I’m moving to Ottawa for May, so hopefully there are some rollers to skate with! lol Hook me up with the emails of some of the rollerbladers up there if you can. thx man.

30 03 2009

Roger Ottawa is sik soooo many good spots and people add josh joshua_s-b@hotmail.com

30 03 2009

I am in Ottawa right now

Here are three others


It should be a fun time man, for sure can’t wait!

31 03 2009


Hey man i’m still gona be in ottawa for awhile here are some emails that should get you connected along with mine, see you in the O rock man!!!

2 04 2009
curtis D

Seems like the Canadian content often gets lost in the mix with all the stuff that gets posted. I appreciate the volume and quality, but as someone who has tried to contribute I feel like Canadian content should be given priority over international or American stuff. Somehow if you could make that happen it would be great, because I hate seeing Canadian edits (however lousy some of them happen to be) pushed to the next page by fancy schmancy American ones.

heres an edit : http://www.vimeo.com/3431845

Josh made it not sure if it was posted yet

Can someone buy me a camera? I would prefer HD, oh and a nicer computer would be cool too.

definately hit me up when you come to Ottawa, Roger. Theres a couple people out here still skating, we’ll try not to dissapoint you…

14 04 2009
Guy Crawford

Right, lets try and get a bit of perspective here.

YOU ‘run’ (repost) a skating website for canada, and the skaters have ‘disappointed’ you? I’m sure its a worthy cause, but lets try and be realistic lads, its winter and we’re all capable of reading rollernews and be-mag ourselves.

I’m sorry the skaters here haven’t held your hands, told you how special you are and written the content for your website for you… That’s why YOU started a website in the first place.

A quick check of your front page gives up the following- First post is lifted from the ShopTask site, the second was from the be-mag board and the pittsburgh site and the third post was a Sizemore edit from the rollernews front page.

Fourth post is the no bullshit carbon review.
Nick has had carbons for two weeks… if anyone else had been privileged enough to be offered them they’d have been out every day battering the shit out of them and there’d be a decent review (footage and before/after shots) by now. Two weeks is loads of time.

“For those of you who are wondering what I’m talking about, I’m referring to the lack of involvement of all of our readers.”

Give me a username and password to be able to blog here! I’m not working at the moment and I stalk be-fag/ rollerghey obsessively. If you just want their news reposted, I can do that all day long… which brings me to the reason someone else had to link me to your ‘rant’- I don’t read canadianroll.ca because there’s no original content… and unfortunately that falls on you, rather than your readers. They’re not lucky enough to get the free stuff to review, YOU do- so its your ‘job’ to maintain the rep and traffic on the site.

Like I said… If you want more content, maybe think about bringing a few more people onboard rather than just asking for submissions. THIS (http://vimeo.com/4147287) is for you- we’ll consider this a freebie ; ) But if you as the authors of the site are busy, don’t expect other people to pick up your slack, there are plenty more skate sites on the internet.

Hugs to you both,

Guy Crawford

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