Inflow Session

5 03 2009


– roger




7 responses

6 03 2009

Awesome looks like fun, lots of flips and cool jumps, very refreshing.
Guy Crowford is amazing, sick style.

11 03 2009
Alex Armbruster

Sick edit man! Let’s get another blade session set up ASAP!

14 03 2009
kevin baguley

Sick edit! Keep them coming!

16 03 2009
Guy Crawford

Thanks for filming, Roger- did you get any of the big 180 transfers ok? That was an awesome skate, lets do it again really soon before its sunny and we don’t want to be indoors any more!

21 03 2009
Aleksander Siekierski

such a sick session.
it was nice meetin other fellow rollers in the area

21 03 2009

why is this page dead????

25 03 2009

yeah is CR a thing of the past?

hope everything is cool with you Roger.

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