Shop-task blog updates

15 01 2009

I think everyone’s daily regiment should consist of checking out CanadianRoll, then quickly shooting over the the Shop-Task Blog. Why? Well because both are awesome, and want to provide you with fantastic rollerblading media. Shop-Task’s blog is always updating, Leon makes sure to keep his customers happy with all the latest edits, inside information, and pictures. Recently, a few new edits popped up on the blog that I would like to direct your attention to.

The One Grind Edit

Like the title indicates there is only one grind in this edit. Be prepared for a lot of spins, and gaps, with a sweet Matt Vigneux grind at the end. To check out this edit go HERE.

Downtown Vancouver Night Edit

This is basically an edit that shows you a night out on the town rollerblade style. Don’t expect any hammers, but you will walk away with a smile on your face when you see the goods times everyone is having. On another note, why the hell is Vancouver so warm. I spent a day outside in some -35 degree whether, with a snow storm the day before. Long story short, I am Jealous. To watch the edit go HERE.

-Nick. D




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