D.P’s Guide to winter rolling

14 01 2009

Recently, Dan Davidson-Pilon (D.P) sent me an E-mail that basically outlined the best way to go about skating in the winter. D.P is a perfect candidate to give everyone some insider secrets seeing as him and Sean Knight have put out one of the most talked about winter edits in Canadian history, and managed to do so in the harsh Calgary winters. you can check both the edit and the write up below.

If you have turnned your head towards the Shop Task blog you may have noticed Sean Knight and I have been making monthly edits in Calgary Alberta. We both had our brains consumed with getting clips done and comming out with an edit that we were both satisified with. The only problem was we started our monthly edits in October with everyone realizing winter was comming fast. We got awesome feed back from our October and November edits which hyped us XL and we moved onto December. -2 was day one of skating, -27 was day two with 3 ft of snow, our jaws dropped what the fuck were we gonna do for a monthly edit. THUG IT Sean Knight said hahah, so we thugged it. Calgary is full of back alley-ways where you can find prime boards. Getting boards for run ups and landings is your #1 priority, (press wood is my personal favourite because the textured surface is good for when the board gets wet). Shovels, gloves, wax and a rub brick also come in handy. When it comes to picking a spot you need to be extra critical. Look for skate spots covered by roofs, usually snow does not build up under roofs and if so it can easily be shoveled out in a matter of secconds. If there are no sheltered spots in your area do not be discouraged what your looking for are skate spots where you need as little run up as possible. Standing still “jump to grinds” are a great one .. tie a sweater around a rail so you can stand on the rail without slipping then jump to a down rail or down ledge, you dont need a run up and use a board for an easy landing. look for rails going down hills, all you need is a board for your run up so you dont slip, then the rail will take you the rest of the way. Indoor spots are amazing, inside any college or university there are huge ledges, rails, and gaps for anyone to skate. But here in Calgary there are holding cells on some of the campuses So make sure you know what kind of security your dealing with when skating indoors. If you have ever wanted to hit a rail in your town that is just to high for your human body, well lets thank snow for bringing us this powdery insta ramp. pile snow up infront of the highest rail you can, as much snow as you would like so the rail is at comfortable height. then pop a board on top of the ramp hussel through the snow towards the board and ENJOY. Once you get the clip you can tell your friends that you did that teeth high rail and they will praise you BaM. Snow Banks resemble natural style skate banks so much its uncanny .. climb up on a flat roof with your rollerblades with a large snow bank piled next to the building, set up a board for your run up, and a board angled down the snow bank to land; if you know what your doing get the clip done. TIP: Use some snow as wax if your wax disapears and treat your camera man/woman to a hot chocolate it makes for better footage when there warm. You must think were crazy for skating in such cold temperatures, but just remember when your on the rail its summertime again!





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