Conference video updates

10 01 2009

The Conference is keeping their main page active with a lot of edits and pictures. I decided I would share some of the more interesting ones. Remember, be sure to check out the Conference for all the latest edits, interviews, and news.

Nicolas Schopfer Interview and Edit

The Conference recently updated the “magazine” portion of their website with an interview with Nicolas Schopfer, a zany roller residing in Switzerland. The interview itself is rather lengthy, but worth the read, especially if your looking for a laugh. The edit on the other hand is all business. It may clock in at under a minute, but it is honestly some top notch mini ramp skating.

Collin Kelso Skating the Carbons and the Slimlines

This is a short box edit of Collin rocking the new Carbons and Slimlines. I am not going to lie I am dying to try this set up, I just hope I will be able to skate it sooner rather then later. Collin is showing just how good they can look. Go HERE to watch the edit.

-Nick. D




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