richie eisler’s review of the kizer slimline

7 01 2009

The follow write up was done by Richie Eisler on the Disboard, you can find the original post HERE. The picture comes from Dustin Werbeski’s set-up which I am rather jealous of it gives you a little taste of how the frame looks on skates.

the slimlines are fucking sick.
i haven’t skated flat for 5 years or maybe even longer. last time i got 8 50mm wheels from undercover and thought they’d be perfect for flat. they were so fun until i stuck on a savanah and hit my head and was so enraged. never again. until now.
tonight i finally got to try them out in the most perfect of situations. first, i skated from our apt. to the ferry station (probably a 10 minute skate, first half down hills, second half along a beautiful beach). i probably looked like a 6 year old kid on speed with a new bike for xmas. i was smiling, listening to songs, curving and carving around every little pebble or leaf, bombing the hills, etc. and there was a strong wind at my back so i was literally cruising at like 30k. it was sooo sick.
anyways then i took the ferry and a train and then bombed another mellow hill where i found angelius and then we finally made it to the park for wednesday night skate. there were like 20 or 30 bladers tonight so that was sick. and it’s a decent ledge skatepark so it made a good place for step two of testing the frames.
i didn’t stick once all night. i was doing torques, savanahs, backslides, back backslides, true neg acids, true souls, true porns, basically whatever i wanted. didn’t try fastslide though, i think that would stick. and probably some others like frontsides and shit might stick a bit, i’ll find out more next time. i’m thinking that for someone like me who isn’t used to flat, any trick where your foot is sideways like a soul or a frontside or fastslide might grip. but for bending to the boot, the wheels don’t really touch and you just slide on your frames and souls. and i had 8 56mm rockered down so i would imagine that rockered up will be even better. (rockered up they just barely rubbed the boot so i put them down for one session. tomorrow i’ll rocker them up and then shit will be even easier) anyways yeah they slid nice, were light as fuck, strong, they make you bend your boot tricks a bit more then the fluids – meaning more style and control. none of those garbage no bend farvs or that shit. and it’s easier to balance when you have to bend more. backslides and torques were way easier.
the only bad thing i have to say about them is they are a bit tall and that makes topsides a bit harder to bend. that’s shitty for me because my ankle has been jacked the last couple years so i can’t really do topsides on square very well anymore as it is. for most i don’t think you’ll even notice. and on a rail it would actually make it easier to lock anyways.
overall it was so fun. it felt amazing to skate even faster than before and that was already fast enough i thought. and curving and turning and shit was fun. and i learned new tricks so overall it was a sick night. the best new tricks i learned were a medspin ao roll up the side of this little banked ledge to full kind on it and a last second 180 to blind full ao topsoul down a little stair rail. i was so juiced about both of these tricks that i had to mention them here! but not as juiced as i was rolling the hills at full speed and just carving and jumping cracks and being a little kid. the roll home was sick too. we are in this sick spot where you can roll downhill to the ferry but then on the way back when you get to the hill there are stairs up this one way and at the top of the stairs you go up a mini hill and then get to roll downhill the whole way home again. it’s a perfect spot to ride downhill no matter which direction you go! haha and there is something about the dark that makes it even more fun to bomb hills. probably no cars/cool breeze…
umm i dont know what else. i really want to keep skating the super sick undercover wheels but they are 57 or 58 and i think a bit big for flat so i’m super torn between skating the best wheels ever or shitty wheels with the joy of flat. i think what will happen is i’ll probably end up switching it up back and forth from freestyle to flat all the time depending on the terrain.
sorry for the long review but i know some people wanted to hear about it so there it is. let me know if you have any questions




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8 01 2015

now THAT’S a review

and i want to live where you do lol

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