Rolling Video Pub Night – Toronto

28 01 2009



New Ontario Edit

23 01 2009

This is an edit that feature some amazing Ontario rollers, Erik Burrow, Stu Campbell, Aaron Mcinnis, Blair Loughead, Andrew Boyle. The edit is shot at a park in Newmarket, Ontario and showcases skating with style, creativity, and speed, always a winning combo.

-Nick. D

Blue Wallace online tour video

23 01 2009

Taken directly from the Be-Mag messageboard HERE.

The first of January members of the Blue Wallace team took our beat up van down to Atlanta and Nashville and decided to film the experience. What was supposed to be a tour edit turned into a full on tour video.


John Ritter:

Hawke Trackler:

Tour Part 1:

Carson Starnes:

Brad Anthony/Michael Cole:

Chris Smith

Tour Part 2:

Stefan Brandow:

Steven Tat:

Team Montage/Outro:

for all videos:


22 01 2009


I do not usually post things on this website that are not rolling related, however, this freestyle skiing edit made by AJ Delong is really good, so I decided I would share. Plus, Will Pursell has talked about Free skiing so much that he is starting to persuade me to try it, and when you combine his persuasion with this edit he may have a convincing case. In order to watch the edit go to the Shop-Task blog HERE.

damien Wilson -D.W1 Edit

22 01 2009


Damien Wilson just got his first pro skate coming from Xsjado, and to celebrate the occasion he has put out an amazing edit. The edit is featured on the Revolution skate shop website, and I have to say, I really like it. All the tricks have that Damien Wilson style I have come to love, packed full of great trick that I simply cannot do. What is even better is that I am waiting on the exact same skates to show up at my door in a few days, and I am really excited. To see to the original post and download the edit go HERE.


-Nick. D

TheM Goods video updates

22 01 2009

Valo EU Summer Tour 07  featuring skating from Bailey, Broskow, Julio, Tassone,and  Short

Themgoods Bearings Haffey Commercial edit by Ivan Narez

-Nick. D

Revival’s Ian McLeod interview

22 01 2009

It looks like Rolling Revival is back in full force, this time with an Ian McLeod interview. I have always liked Ian’s skating and to be honest watching the clips that are in this interview, it seems like he has actually improved. Be sure to subscribe to Revival on Itunes to get the higher resolution version, but if quality is not a factor, check out the youtube version below. To see the original post go HERE.

-Nick. D