M1 Contest Begins Today

18 12 2008

Taken directly from the M1 website HERE.

Ok Guys,

The New Wheels just hit all the stores, so it is time to begin the dlow contest.

Now the offical rules are …

1. Show us either the New Aragon or Morales wheels to start the edit.

2. Tell us and everyone else what you think of them.

3. Then Kill Shit for 30 seconds.

4. Post your edit on here or vimeo.

5. The edit has to be in by the last day of January.

We will be announcing a winner on the 1st of February and they will be selected by our team riders. The winner will receive one year of receiving free product.

Now, I will let this be said, our focus for this year is our flow program. We are going to grow it. So we might not pick just one rider it could be 2,3, or 10… WHO KNOWS!

This being such an AM driven contest I thought it best to start the contest with an edit of the guys I skate with and not one of our pro riders. Their edits will be showing up through the contest though. You will see all the boys for Jacksonville in here. You will have Wild Bill, Andrew, Gumby, Wyatt and a few more of my boys along with cameos of your favorite crew from SANTEE with some of the antics!

Good Luck! We cant wait to see your edits and what you think of the new products.


Franky and Wally




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