conference edits…lots of them

17 12 2008

Alright, so because I have not been able to post as much as I like to the edits have been building up. So I will just make one mass post of all the Conference edits that I have been digging and do a little write up of them here. Remember check out the Conference daily, they keep on top of their updating game.

Martin Benza Edit

This is a park edit of Martin Benza sporting the new Xsjado Basics. The edit is relatively short, but it was all shot in 20 minutes and has a few really good tricks.

Ben Schwab interview at Slamm Jamm

I really dug this interview. This was the first time Ben announced that he would be riding for Chimera wheels. The interview is packed full of fun little tidbits of information, dealing with the Vicious team video, Ben’s feeling on the U.K, the new Chris Farmer Xsjado, and the Conference’s fear on announcing release dates, plus much more.

Daniel Prell ‘s Edit

This edit features skating from Roman Abrate, Daniel Prell, Adrien Anne and Timm Kittlitz. As always, the skating is really good and we get to see some more indoor park. With all these park edits you can tell the winter is setting in.

Brian Arnold Unused Clips

This is awesome, and you know why its awesome? Because not only is the skating good but it is to Bob Dylan, Bob Dylan is the man, and so is Brian Arnold. Check out the edit below then do yourself a favor and buy a Dylan album for Christmas, you will thank me.

-Nick. D




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