The sum 08 trialer

17 12 2008

” The Sum 08″, is a film based out of St. John’s Newfoundland. The aspect behind the film is to have multiple sports jam packed into one, and to show the best riding in all of the local sports. The flick is produced by Phil St. Aubin, a local rollerblader known in the St. John’s scene. He has been editing the video non-stop for the past year, so it’s bound to be a BANGER. The video premieres on December 22nd in Newfoundland and will be in stock at SHOP-TASK, shortly after.

– Danny Beer

Taken directly from the Shop-Task blog. Check out the post and the Trailer HERE. I am not going to lie, at first I was skeptical about this mixture of other sports sports things, and really thats just my prejudices shining through. However, after watching the trailer I am intrigued, and showing rolling alongside snowboarding, free skiing, BMX, and boarding actually has a sense of equality to it. Plus, the editing is done very well and it makes rolling looks as bad ass as it should, and I respect that.

-Nick. D




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