bad news for winterclash

1 12 2008

Hello everybody,

We got some REALLY bad news.
The Winterclash will most probably (99% sure) not happen in Mühlhausen (Germany) again.
The skatepark did not fulfil the urgently needed obligations to get the permission for events.
They were lacking with that for the last 8 years and now the city government decided it’s enough.
I will not be allowed to organise the Winterclash in Mühlhausen again.

Now we’re looking into other options.
I hope I will be able to announce the backup plan in the next week.
If you guys have any idea which skatepark would be big and good enough for the Winterclash 2009 including the competition and the tradeshow please contact me right away. Every help is needed to make this happen once again.

I truly apologize to everybody who already booked hotels or other stuff. I hope you guys don’t have problems with cancelling it.

Please post this news in your local message board, on your websites and tell it to all your friends! We really appreciate your help!

Let’s hope for the best.

Jojo Jacobi

Taken directly from the Winterclash website HERE.

-Nick. D




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