dale travers shutter speed tutorial

27 11 2008

This is a little update for all of you photographers out there. Recently, Dale Travers dropped me an e-mail giving me the latest updated on his blog (http://dale247.wordpress.com/). For those of you who do not know who Dale Travers is that is unfortunate, so let me give you a little run down. Dale originally comes from Australia but is currently living in London and has been featured in magazines such as as Be-mag, One, Rolla Australia, and Kingdom magazine. So you know he is no joke when it comes to the photos. So I highly suggest you listen to what Dale is has to say.

Recently, he updated his blog with a little tutorial on shooting with slow shut speeds, and getting amazing effects. I highly suggest that everyone check the tutorial out right HERE. It has a little something for everyone. Amazing photos for those who know nothing about photography, a good tutorial for aspiring photographers, and inspiration for established photographers. Enjoy!

Richie Eisler Spelling out Be-Mag

-Nick. D




One response

27 11 2008

That’s sick! I had a CanadianRoll one I made with Marcos one time. But never ended up showing it, cuz my room was so messy in the background. LOL.

This guys handwriting is so wickedly good. I’m jealous, I can’t write backwards for shit.

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