Richie Eisler and Co Park Edit

21 11 2008

If you a Canadian, and even if you not, you should have seen this edit already. However, being CanadianRoll I feel it is my duty to post it for those who may have missed it. Basically, be prepared to watch 12 minutes of amazing Canadian skating with footage compiled over a span of 3 years.

rollerblading. this is a collection of old skatepark footage featuring: matt g, dustin werbeski, devon hanofski, richie eisler, jesse culp, shaun unwin, dan varin, joey mcgarry, sterling raven, corey lowe, david schlaikjar, dale phillips, gavin drumm, rian arnold and tien nguyen (in order of appearance).

A big thank you goes out to Shawn Roberts for giving me the E-mail about this edit. It lifted my spirits while I was writing essays all week.
-Nick. D




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