The Failures of Rollerblading

9 11 2008

I see rollerblading as more than a sport, more then something I do on my off time “just for fun.” I see it as more of a lifestyle, something I am involved in everyday, in one way or another, and something I want to help promote to the blind masses. However, recently, rolling has been hit with some people that I assume do not share the same mind set, whose actions have been absurd (and that is putting it nicely). There actions have lead me to a little segment I like to call “The Failures of Rollerblading”

Roger Langly

This guy had the internet a buzz when he decided it would be good idea to steal large quantities of product from Rat-Tail distribution booth during the Bitter Cold Showdown. Failed.

Stephan Alfano


Stephan acted like a baby, and an obnoxious baby at that. During this years LG finals he got angry that he did no place first (he got second), and instead of representing rollerblading (and his sponsors) with dignity he decided to throw around his water and helmet, flip off the crowd, then moon them. Stephan Alfano, a picture of class, keep up the good work man. Failed.

Franco Shad

I believe Franco is really his Be-Mag name, but it does not really matter. What matters is Franco decided to steal a box of product from the SDSF skate shop during the SDSF open. It was a box of Them Goods merchandise. Maybe him and Roger should team up and rob everyone blind, it would be like a retarded duo that always got caught. Failed.

-Nicolas D’Amico




5 responses

9 11 2008

wpw nick, kinda deep? got a lil mad at the rolling for there?

10 11 2008

if there’s only 3 idiots in the rollerblading village, then I think you guys are doing pretty ok.
how the heck does anyone ever get so full of themselves? self esteem seminars at school? people constantly stroking their ego? this whole invincible thing is bullshit.

11 11 2008

…this kind of post is needed. Slap some people out of their ego haze (like Ang said). Stealing is bad enough, but to bite the hand that feeds (the companies that help/support you to do what you do), is ignorance. “You try keepin’ it real, when you should try keepin’ it right” – Respect to Nick for a great post.

13 11 2008

prime haha

13 11 2008
Klas Olsson

wankers…their pictures should be posted, they all belong to something other than rollerblading. don’t steal from the hand that feeds you … hope they have no friends.

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