G.S.B. Contest and Results

3 11 2008

Hey guys , i attended the Ghetto Street Battle (G.S.B.) yesterday, and to say the least it was indeed very very GHETTO. The start time said 1p.m., yet one of the event organizers did not even show up till like 2 p.m. The format of the contest was very time consuming and overly complicated, and didn’t make much sense to anyone, including the organizers of the event. Due to the lack of time, I assume, the format of the contest was changed. After 5 or 6 heats which were very unfair to many of the contestants, the comp then moved to the second spot, an aluminum down rail. At this spot the organizers then announced that the best trick on the rail would win. Yet when it was all over they handed out a “best trick” award, then placed people in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. I guess the format had changed again. Aside from the poor planning, and lack of organization, I still had fun, but i would hope that next year there is a little more effort and planning put into the event. Here were the final results;

1st- Rob V.

2nd – Eric Foster

3rd- Andrew Boyle

Best Trick- Spencer Sheilds (should have won, atleast under the original format)

For more picks check out Highfiveclothing.com here.

All pics taken by Angelika Sawlewicz

– Roger Wilkinson




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