lg action sports results and photos…and rumors

2 11 2008

Men’s podium: Franky Morales (1st), David Sizemore (3rd) Not pictured: Stephane Alfano (2nd).

Women’s podium is Fallon Heffernon (2nd), Jenna Downing (1st), Fabiola da Silva (3rd)

It looks like the rolling event is done at the LG Action Sports competition, and from what I have seen the event went fairly well, with Franky Morales taking first place for the men, and Fallon Heffernon taking first place for the women in the street course final. Now you might be wondering, why is there only two people in the male podium picture, well there seems to be rumors flying around the internet that Stephane Alfano, who placed second, was angry with his placing and proceeded to cause a scene. Now, this is just hearsay, but numerous unofficial sources have confirmed that Stephane threw his water around and proceeded to show the audience his bum, and flip them off, all because he did not take first. If these rumors are true, I would like to personally say that this is disgraceful behavior that does not represent our lifestyle very well, and Stephane should be held accountable, especially to his sponsors. I could only imagine that if these rumors are true, they may jeopardized our returning to the LG Action Sports competition next year, thus taking some money out of our pros pockets.

Franky with a big transfer 540.

-Nick. D




One response

3 11 2008

what a hissy fit, takes a real man to accept you’re second to somebody. geeze.

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