Better Pictures of the Damien Wilson and Chris Farmer Xsjado skate

27 10 2008

I originally found this post on the Be-Mag messageboard, and it was posted by “Jumo” . To see the original post go HERE.

Damien Wilson Xsjado

Chris Farmer Xsjado


Wilson Footwrap




8 responses

27 10 2008

OMG xsjado whiteee!!!!!!!
xsjado white WHen????
news news!!

28 10 2008

The pics came from : )

29 10 2008

those are both hot but look out for the ben schwab pro model

29 10 2008
brendan bates

hey yea there black and white ones are lyk my sick so no way will i have them
but the white all white
omg i nearly just died thereye so smart btw
send me a picture of them to me if u can

6 11 2008

what about the farmer wraps? i wanna see them :C

7 11 2008

you see the farmer footwrap at the picture?
fucking best skates ever…
xsjadow whit.. i will order wilson and farmer 😉

11 11 2008

No, Mark. There is no full picture of the Farmer wraps.

Revolution now has the Wilsons for pre order btw.

29 12 2008

xsjado damiem wilson are the nicest skates ever! i have got sum of my own with kizer suspension frames. they look sick and are really nice to ride =]

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