A new approach to the lifestyles page

20 10 2008

Lately at CanadianRoll we have been talking about the other sections on our website, such as Lifestyles, Reviews, Spotlights, and the Opinion Board. We have found that not all of these sections have been being used to there full potential. In particular we believe that the Lifestyles page is a huge keg that we have sadly ignored and left in the closet. The reason for this is that we originally created it to document the lifestyles of us here at CanadianRoll, all of our sessions, events, and just awesome rolling stories. We quickly realized that juggling school, work, planning events, constant updates, t-shirt designs, and everything else that goes into running CanadianRoll, that it was very hard for us to update the page regularly. As many of you know, skating, filming, taking pictures, editing, uploading, all of this shit takes up tons of time, especially when you are short on it already. So after some thought we have decided that the Lifestyles page shouldn’t be limited to us here at CanadianRoll, but should be used for all of you rollers to share your stories. Allowing readers to get a wide view of rolling across Canada and the world, from the pros to the beginners, we want to hear from everybody. So basically what we are asking, is for you guys to send us write ups, pictures, and edits, or any combination of the three, telling us about how rolling has and is changing your everyday life. From broken bones to daily sessions to once in a life time experiences, these are the types of stories we want to hear about, and to share with the rolling community. After all rollerblading is not just a pastime or a sport, it’s a lifestyle.

To get the ball rolling check out the first story on the newly tapped Lifestyles page here. To share your stories, edits, and pics, email them to Roger Wilkinson at <Canadianroll_RogerWilkinson@hotmail.com>

– Roger Wilkinson




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