A Look at the Deshi Carbon Skate

28 09 2008

It looks like the Deshi Carbon skate has been put online at the Kateskate website. Not only was a picture of the skate put up but also the price it seems that the skate is selling for £200.00 on the website for boot only, to put that into perspective, a Remz 0802 full set up goes for the same price on the website, and Deshi Vinny Minton CH1 boot goes for £160.00. Also, the weight of the skate is supposedly 700g, which is ridiculously lite, even Oli Benet has been quoted as saying, “Yes they weigh just over half any skate out right now, because they are made of carbon and leather. They last for AGES, and are tough as fuck. Light and really really small on your feet. We will also be making one per size, so that even in a big size they will look no bigger than your normal shoe.”

So the price is a little steep (if the website is correct), however, it seems that this boot is worth the price of admission. To see the original post go HERE. To see the quote from Oli Benet go HERE. On a final note, these skate will NOT be released by November.

-Nick. D




5 responses

28 09 2008

Whhhaaat these look sick.

28 09 2008
Seby Rollerb

umm…i don’t know…i don’t really like ’em , the CH 1 was sick , but these ….maybe the picture ain’t that good and they are sick 😐

28 09 2008

They look alrite, pretty good color scheme, reminds me of remz os 1s.

29 09 2008

This picture is really old. Really old. It floated about the boards at the start of the year.

3 06 2009

Im worried they will be to light

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