Canadian Roller News #409

23 09 2008

Mathieu Ledoux Photo

I recently got a rather inspiring E-mail from Mathieu Ledoux telling me that he really likes CanadianRoll. What I found funny about this E-mail is that I have had a poster of Mathieu skating some Rollerblade Franky Morales Rollerblades above my bed since as long as I can remember. It really got me thinking of how many cool and great people CanadianRoll has allowed me to meet, either through the internet or in person, and how much I appreciate that. Anyway, Mathieu did not just send me an inspiring E-mail, but he also sent me this amazing picture of of himself that was shot by Yan Lecomte, and in the E-mail he stated, “I also send you a pic of me that I hope it ll inspire the veterans” And I must say it definitely inspired me, and I am nowhere near vet status.

**Click on the image to see the larger version**

-Nick. D




5 responses

24 09 2008
dirty lakeshore

he has allways been one of my favorite skaters out there. His parkor stuff is soo sick too!!!! Good to see hes still skating, and i hope he can put out a new section in someones video. please!!!!

24 09 2008
Stephane Julien

Nice to see that Canadianroll is there for the scene and Mat i love that pic!!!!!

24 09 2008


24 09 2008

nick really does have a picture of him above his bed. i’ve seen it!!!! TWICE!!!

25 09 2008

Oh come on Roger, I’ve seen it more than twice so we could only imagine how many times you’ve seen it! Unless he’s using the blindfold on you too….

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