Say Word 3 Trailer…Better Quality, and Downloadable

2 09 2008

Many of us know that Say Word 2 was an excellent video, and many of us still constantly play the Montre Livingston section on youtube. So when the Say Word 3 promotional edit was put on youtube people took notice, with its great technical tricks, big gaps, big obstacles, creative tricks, and general overall amazingness (yes that is correct I found it so amazing I created a word). The only problem people had was the quality of the footage, as we all know, youtube is synonymous with poor quality video, and the rolling community demanded more. Lucky for us, One magazine stepped in and contacted Kenny Owens, the creator of the Say Word series, and asked for the original MP4 version so that they could host it on their website. Now sit back and enjoy Montre Livingston, Dre Powell, Jon Jon Bolino, Joe Dobson, Matt Adams, and Will Gordan in better quality. To download the trailer go HERE, I will also post up the youtube version below.

-Nick. D




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5 10 2008

Go buy this, NOW!

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