Full Video Online; United Front 2:Trash

2 09 2008

I recently stopped by the Be-Mag messageboard and saw that the Jan Welch had put up all the sections from United Front 2 online. Jan has put up the video in two version, first the youtube versions, which will be posted below, and second, the higher quality Vimeo versions, which would take far to long to upload to the website (although I highly suggest you view the higher quality versions over the youtube versions). The video is simply amazing, with great sections from the likes of Nick Wood, Damien Wilson, Connor O’Brien, Chase Rushing, and Ganzo plus all the great montages. If you have not seen the video yet, do yourself a favor, takes some time out and watch the whole thing, I guarantee it will be worth your while. To see the original post, and get access to the Vimeo versions of the video, go HERE.


Vimeo Version HERE.

Connor O’Brien

Vimeo Version HERE.

Chase Rushing

Vimeo Version HERE.

Color Theory Montage

Vimeo Version HERE.

Nick Wood

Vimeo Version HERE.

Damien Wilson

Vimeo Version HERE.

Crocket’s Theme Montage

Vimeo Version HERE.


Vimeo Version HERE.


Vimeo Version HERE.

-Nick. D




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