Nick Wood’s Filth Section

19 08 2008

I recently got an E-mail from Remz telling me that Nick Wood’s Filth section has been put online. Now if you do not know what Filth is then you have a serious problem, or just do not keep up with rolling media enough, and have missed one of the better videos to be released in the past little while. The video stars all the Santee crew Damien Wilson, Lyle Shivak, Rob Whitcomb, Jimmy Ormsby, and of course, Nick Wood. If you do not have this one in your collection, I highly suggest you pick it up. If my words of encouragement are not enough to make you pick it up, than maybe this amazing Nick Wood section will convince you. If you want to watch the higher quality version of the edit, go to the Remz “Live it page” Or if you do not mind a lower quality, check out the youtube version below.

-Nick. D




3 responses

10 09 2009

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11 09 2009
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24 08 2010
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