Canadian Roll News #389

11 08 2008

Popularity Contest Edit

Someone has made a Popularity Contest 2008 edit and thrown it on youtube. I say someone because I am not quite sure who made this edit, what I do know is that it came out very well, and shows you a little portion of greatness that was this years Popularity Contest. I originally found this edit by looking on the Disboard, so if you want to see the original post go HERE.

Also, for a little bonus, here is an edit of Jake Dotson skating the Kamloops, B.C skate park, Jake took second at this years Pop Contest.

I got all these edits off of Vaughcollins’s youtube page, so be sure to check that out as well.

-Nick. D




One response

12 08 2008
vaughn collins

thanx for posting my vids on your site and actually explaining where you got them from, i appreciate that.

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