Canadian Roll News #376

24 07 2008

Revival / Integrated Tour Coming to Toronto

Al Dolega, Diana Ward, Mike Whisnant, Cody Boulay, Gary Murphy, Alex Hancook will be on the Rolling Revival / Integrated distribution tour that will be stopping in Toronto on July 25th to July 27th. If you want Al Dolega (former owner of Octona skate shop) to bring any products in order to sell, you have to let him know either through THIS POST, or by using any of these other contacts

AIM- OctonaSkateShop

The tour is last minute, so be sure to contact Al quickly in order to ensure you get what you want. Brands such as Sixwonsix, Night, Be-Mag, USD, Kizer, Deshi, Xsjado and Sifika are more likely to be available because they are a part of Integrated Distribution. Al also has a few pairs of skates, frames, and some new Eulogies.

The following is the tour’s itinerary for their three day while in Toronto

-Friday, July 25th- skate FNS in downtown Detroit and leave afterwards, arrive in Toronto late Friday night/Saturday morning. Staying with Kevin Chow.

-Saturday, July 26th- Wake up in Toronto, skate all day- Toronto street and cement parks. Stay with Chow again that night.

-Sunday, July 27th- Wake up in Toronto at about noon, probably skate the Brampton (suburb of Toronto) park/plaza, head out by 4 or so, drive to Mike Torres’ place in Rochester NY.

For more information about the tour check out the Be-Mag post HERE.




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