H.S.W 2 Edit

20 07 2008

Roger Wilkinson just came home (the Dirty H) from Muskoka Woods for his sister’s wedding (congratulations to her!) and he handed me a present, the H.S.W 2 edit. This edit has actually been completed for about two weeks, but the internet connection at Muskoka Woods is horrible so we were unable to upload for all to enjoy. Luckily the edit is now in CanadianRoll’s possession and available for your viewing pleasure. The edit was shot by Roger Wilkinson, Nick D’Amico, Brian Lofgren and was edit by Roger and his girlfriend Katie Demetrious. Lastly, I want to thank everyone who came out and made the event possible, everyone here at CanadianRoll looks forward to seeing you all next year.

-Nick. D




3 responses

20 07 2008
H.S.W 2 Edit Video

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21 07 2008
kevin baguley

Awsome edit! Really sick skate spots! I wish I could have made it out to that! Hopefully next year!

2 06 2009

This is awesome… Croll is awesome… much respect for hosting such DOPE events no lie, those weekends were the shit.

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