Upcoming Guelph, Ontario Competition Info / Reminder

11 07 2008

Dan Davidson-Pilon just sent me all the information for the upcoming Guelph, Ontario contest. So here is a rundown on all the information you will need.

– The Competition is sponsored by Shop-Task and Project Black

– The Competition is being held on July 12th (Saturday)

-The Competition meeting time is set for 12PM and the competition will start at 1PM

-It is FREE to compete in both the pro and amateur divisions

– Map to the meeting location can be found HERE. Also, here are D.P’s personal directions and information on the meeting spot

from the 401 get off at the Brock Rd exit into guelph and stay to the right on the exit ramp then drive for about 20-25 minutes then look for the HOLY SHOOT ITS A GUELPH CONTEST SIGN with baloons you cant miss it! turn left at the sign and spot 1 is on the right! (check the map for other directions)

– Free Swag, plus CASH ($), and other free prizes will be available.

Below are pictures of the spots.

Spot 1

Spot 2

Spot 3

-Nick. D




One response

14 07 2008
Ninjah Steez

Whats the deal yall, what went down? did it get rained out? or did Dp rain down on the shit!?!

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