Chris Haffey Woodward West Edit

6 07 2008

The Remz website was recently updated with an edit of Chris Haffey destroying the Woodward west facility like only he can. This edit is supposed to showcase the lighter side of Chris’s skating, when he does not have the pressure of a competition or filming for a video, but his lighter side of skating seems to involve amazing tricks and huge gaps, which is a sign of a true professional. The edit can be seen on the “Live it” section of the Remz website under the heading of “Chris Haffey Leaving You Speechless Once Again.”

-Nick. D




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8 07 2008
Chris Haffey At Woodward West - Youtube Version « Canadian Roll

[…] Chris Haffey At Woodward West – Youtube Version Published July 8, 2008 Industry News Here is the youtube version to a Chris Haffey edit I already posted about. […]

30 07 2011

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