SYEAHSKATE4 Crews Arrostia (Sickness) Video

2 07 2008

Nick Kouros sent me an E-mail not too long ago informing me of a video of his skate crew Syeahskate4, which is called Arrostia (Greek language) which translates to “Sickness” in English. The video was shot and edited over a two year period, and showcases nearly every member of the Greek skate crew. Sickness was directed, filmed, edited and produced by Nick Kouros, who generously put up the video on the internet for people to watch, for free! Below you can watch the Vimeo of the giveo (or go HERE to watch it in a bigger version) or if you want to have the video on your hard drive you can download it HERE. For more information on the Syeahskate, be sure to check out their website at

“Sickness” showcases some of the most unique visuals I have ever seen in a skate video, and the skating is rather fun to watch. This is definitely one of those feel good videos that gives the watcher a little glimpse into other peoples scene, and when you are finished watching “Sickness” you will definitely have a taste of what Greek rolling is all about. So take roughly thirty minutes out of your day and enjoy a good video…for free.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “SYEAHSKATE4 Crews Arrostia (Sickness)…“, posted with vodpod

-Nick. D




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7 07 2008

Hey Nick D. thanks a lot for posting and for your kind words.peace thanks a lot!!

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