L.A All Day Pictures

29 06 2008

The Empir3 distribution website recently put up a photo gallery for the L.A All Day competition that took place on June 21st 2008. The photos can either be seen in a flash version, which can be found HERE, or you can see their .Jpeg versions HERE. The official results of the L.A All Day are as follows

1. Skylar Stovall
2. Raymell Williams
3. Issac Mercado
4. Christian Bridges
5. Austin Wood
6. Chris Perales

1. Storm McKee
2. Douglas Alvarado
3. Basil Barkas
4. Cameron Davis
5. Julio Garcia
6. Julio Arriaza
7. Emma Beauche

1. Daniel Soto
2. Jahrel Sales
3. Sergio Abarra
4. Noel Irias
5. Robert Picker

1. Will Jameson
2. Jon Perez
3. Christina Snell
4. Storm McKee
5. Cameron Davis


1. Chad Hornish
2. Shawn Rodriguez
3. Aaron Durand
4. Alex Clifton
5. Steve Bundy
6. Will Jameson
7. Austin Sullivan
8. Jose Arce
9. Rick Rodriguez

Best Line: Aaron Durand earns $100 donated by Jin Joint

-Nick. D




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